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Social Assessment: The New Pathway to Quality of Hire

It is well known that referrals are the best source of hires. But why referrals are the best?

This session will describe how on the job work assessment of individual performance by colleagues, also called social assessment, is at the core of the success of referrals. But most interestingly, it will show you how you can scale this practice for all your new hires. These new online social assessments leverage new online behaviors like social networking and collective online rating technologies. Through these new online venues old reference checks have been reborn into social peer rating. You will see in this presentation how to gain new and invaluable insights on your applicants — with minimal effort. You will learn how social assessment can transform your relationship with hiring managers, become more strategic in your hiring and how to better source passive job seekers.

The session will be divided in 2 sections, the first will be focus on how the social assessment’s new approach has modernized and overcome the limitations of the traditional reference checking approach. The new way is based on a solid foundation of collective intelligence that leverages the Internet and social networking sites. Through an increased understanding of the foundation and methodologies involved you will comprehend the power of this emerging technology and begin to grasp why this will be the next standard in hiring.

The second section focuses on a case study who explains the steps involved to upgrading to the new standard. Through the case study you will comprehend not only the new processes but also on the changes and new benefits of strategic employee assessment and sourcing a growing passive candidate database.

Recruiting Trends 2012

How do we find the signal in all of the noise? In this session, we will see over the horizon: What are the trends we need to pay attention to versus the sparks that are simply distractions. What are the time horizons for each; what will be the impact, what is the urgency? See beyond the hype of current and future trends, the truly cutting edge best practices, and bigger trends to gain key insights on: Mobile. Video. LinkedIn. FaceBook, Twitter and others.

With a focus on the practical, this session will provide you with the insights and tactics you need today, in order to be prepared for tomorrow.

With Jason Warner, Linda Brenner, Sarah White, & Kortney Kutsop


Yves Lermusi (aka Lermusiaux) is CEO & founder of Checkster. Checkster is a new Career and Talent Checkup tool.

Mr. Lermusi founded Checkster after 7 years at Taleo (TLEO) as President of Taleo Research. Prior to Taleo, Mr. Lermusi founded iLogos (acquired by Taleo) and held several positions in research and consulting organizations in Europe.

Mr. Lermusi is a well known public speaker and a Career and Talent industry commentator. He is often quoted in the leading business media worldwide, including Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, and Time Magazine. His articles and commentary are published regularly in online publications and business magazines. Mr. Lermusi was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the Recruiting Industry” and his blog has been recognized as the best third party blog.

Mr. Lermusi earned a degree in Physics and Philosophy, and has a diploma in Economics from the University of Brussels and from the University of London.

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