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A time-honored favorite, praised by new and previous attendees alike, Kennedy's low-cost seminars feature high-caliber presenters eager to share cutting-edge ideas and timely advice on how to improve recruitment success and meet each new year's unique set of demands.
Plan now to attend one of four pre-conference workshops on Tuesday, May 19, 8 - 11:00 A.M. — each costs only $495; all are certain to enhance your conference experience. Workshops are an optional add-on and will earn an additional three (3) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI),
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Workshop A: Recruiting Software for Small-to-Mid Size Businesses

with Sarah White, Recruiting Solutions Director, MRA - The Management Association
Does it sometimes feel like there is a whole other game that large companies are well practiced at, but yours doesn’t yet quite know the rules to yet - or even if you should be playing at all?
For many small to mid-size companies the thought of implementing or changing recruiting software (e.g. Applicant Tracking, ATS…) is as overwhelming as the 562,000 results you get from searching it on Google™. The sheer number of options, uncertainty in process and most importantly cost — are all factors many small to mid-size businesses (100-2,500 employees) have to consider before changing or implementing new recruiting software… a culmination of factors that often deters companies from taking action.
However, the reality of the situation is that, now, good technology is available in any price point and saving money overall on recruiting can be as easy as effectively using the right technology. If your organization is considering adding (or changing) an Applicant Tracking System this is the one session you don't want to miss! Whether you want to learn about how to determine the true ROI for your organization, craft an RFI that will meet your unique needs, effectively evaluate software for your process, or uses for the systems beyond the typical "Applicant Tracking" — this class is certain to help you out along the way.

Sourcing focus

Workshop B: Become a Sourcing MacGyver!

with Dan Harris, Executive Research/Recruiting Specialist, eBay
MacGyver is known for using bubble gum, paperclips, and duct tape to build creative devices to save the world from the bad guys. Dan Harris will show you in real-time, creative uses of the tools we all use to find candidates for your open positions.
In this very hands-on workshop, you will learn research and sourcing techniques that will both shock and amaze your clients/hiring managers. You are encouraged to bring your laptop and ask questions that are specific to the searches that you are working on. We will be covering:
  • Making your tools work together and get better results for your money
  • Strategizing to get the right candidates, right now
  • Leveraging the phone to get what you want
  • Bringing the fun back to sourcing
After this fun, informative, and humor-filled workshop, you will be able to claim that you are both certifiable and a certified Sourcing MacGyver!

Recruiting focus

Workshop D: Improving the Candidate Experience: Can You Put Yourself in Their Shoes?

with Matthew Kaiser, Vice President & Talent Strategist, NAS Recruitment Communications
As you evaluate your recruiting process, it is important to understand the factors that may ultimately influence a candidate’s decision to choose your organization over your competitor. What does the candidate want to see? What is the perception of your facility? How does your organization look… through the eyes of a candidate? We will examine this concept – a concept called the “candidate experience”.
This workshop addresses the meaning behind the candidate experience, how to measure it and how to effectively improve the experience to attract, engage and retain the best talent. The program format is interactive and you will leave with ideas that can impact your organization immediately. We will examine and initiate discussion on the following:
  • Understanding the concept of the candidate experience
  • Developing tools to help measure the candidate experience
  • Examining how to effectively enhance candidate touch points throughout the recruiting process
  • Identifying creative and strategic ways to improve the overall candidate experience
(Program workbook provided to attendees)

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