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Pre-Conference Workshops

A "Kennedy Conference" tradition, our add-on 3–hour workshops take place on Wednesday, May 14 from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM. These low–cost seminars feature high–caliber presenters who'll educate you on the latest ideas to improve your recruitment success. Please choose from 1 of 5 concurrent sessions, at $495.
Tools focus

Workshop C: The Cultural 'Fit' Factor

While organizational culture has been touted since the early 1990’s as essential for business success, there has been little connection between culture and the employment branding process. We have found that having the knowledge of “who you are and who you are not” from a cultural perspective, creates an employment brand that will increase the ROI of recruitment and retention programs. By paying attention to congruence, alignment and fit, organizations can attract and retain the “right” employees and repel those that just won’t fit.
In this workshop you'll learn how to assess and define an organization’s cultural framework, build an employment brand in the context of culture, and clearly define “fit” to identify the type of employee you desire to attract and retain and those you’d like to repel.
Lizz Pellet, CEO, EMERGE International and Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Tools focus

Workshop D: Virtual Networking and Sourcing

This workshop is designed to teach participants the most effective and efficient ways to attract and find candidates using virtual networking sites. Virtual networking has received a lot of attention recently, and this session will give recruiters the "how to" information to make them successful in the new world of virtual sourcing.
Join this highly–rated Recruiting Conference alumnus to learn how to create a presence in the virtual world that will attract both active and passive candidates and how to leverage and get the most out of the latest and greatest professional networking sites. You will see how to put cutting edge social networking sites, such as FaceBook and Second Life to work for you and you’ll consider several real world examples of companies who are already using virtual networking successfully, together with the challenges they encountered.
Laura Stoker, Senior Director of Training, AIRS

Recruiting focus

Workshop E: Increase "Best Fit" Hiring Decisions with Structured Interview Techniques

In the traditional style of interviewing, even with the best behavioral questions, interview selection reliability runs about 55%. But you can greatly improve that percentage — with structured interviewing techniques.
This session will introduce you and your team to the structured interview -- a unique new approach to interviewing that alters the dynamics of the interview and improves the selection process. With structured interviews, the hiring manager’s selection decisions are greatly enhanced resulting in improved retention with lower turnover costs and a more competitive workforce.
Eric Kramer, COO, Win The View

Sourcing focus

Workshop F: Exploring New Frontiers in Internet Search

As demands on our time grow and competition stiffens, recruiters need to become more efficient in their daily activities to remain competitive. Mr. Steckerl shows you how to use technology that automates trivial tasks rather than complex searches that take months to master and you’ll demystify Boolean Search techniques with clear and simple explanations.
In this session you’ll also learn to master the new frontiers of Internet Research including such processes as utilizing field search syntax and intuitively applying global field search commands. You’ll learn little known commands unique to each of the top five search engines. You’ll apply search commands to modern search engines in ways you have never seen before and much more.
Shally Steckerl, Chief CyberSleuth, JobMachine

Recruiting focus

Workshop G: Writing Job Postings that Actually Work and Using Job Boards Effectively

Sarah White, Recruiting Solutions Director, MRA - The Management Association

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