Conference Objectives

The Recruiting Trends Conference aims to provide attendees with a better understanding of how to tackle today’s sourcing, screening, recruiting, and hiring challenges—and help attendees better understand their candidates’ needs.

In order to meet these objectives, the conference provides attendees with access to recruiting industry experts as well as top practitioners in corporate sourcing and recruiting. By participating in sessions led by these thought leaders, attendees gain exposure to and a deeper knowledge of the latest sourcing and recruiting tools and techniques and are privy to “insider” tips and tricks.

The program is HRCI certified, and offers various levels of learning: from basic to broad to advanced. Attendees have the opportunity to select their level and corresponding “need to know” sessions during concurrent workshop tracks that cover a range of topics, including basic recruiting, talent acquisition leadership, social media in recruiting, the right metrics, employer branding, and quality of hire.

The main recruiting conference, Oct. 14-16, kicks off with TrendSetters™, a half-day session which explores new technologies and developments that can enhance recruiting performance.

The conference concludes on Oct. 17 with the Sourcing Summit, a day dedicated to all things sourcing where highly-skilled sourcers share in-depth knowledge, shortcuts, best practices, and key sourcing tools—including many that are free. Designed to take candidate sourcing to the next level, the Summit helps attendees develop smart, time-saving techniques and gives them additional tools for their sourcing toolbox.




Caesars Palace Las Vegas
October 14-17, 2012
Oct. 15-16 Exhibitors