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Here's what attendees had to say about the conference:

"By 4PM of Day 1 I had already gotten my money's worth!"

Mark Liston, Director, Valpak

"Excellent presentations, speakers gave key elements/topics that were very informative to end-users. This conference gave me 'snapshots' of where our recruitment team needs improvements on when dealing with a pro-active approach to 'sourcing and networking.'

Patricia R Cooper, Recruiting Coordinator, Valley Baptist Health System

"A lot of great info – I am excited to dig in & plan/implement! The Kennedy Staff were great! They're hard work prior the conference showed through, smooth logistics."

Nora Koehler, Recruiter, FHN

"I am walking away with great ideas and loads of motivation! All of the speakers were great and were willing to give me one-on-one time afterwards which was very helpful."

Erika Sullivan, Senior Executive Recruiter, Vector Careers

"I feel like my 'blinders' have been taken off and now I have to put to use what I learned on Web2.0, blogging, social networking sites."

Helena Santillan, VP Sales & Marketing, Vector Careers

"Something every person within this ever growing field should participate in at least once."

Bart Gibbons, Recruiter, AT Systems Inc./A Garda Company

"Excellent, I was very impressed. This far surpassed my expectations. Another great day, very informative and motivational. Excellent seminar, great networking and very eye-opening with regard to common major areas of improvement."

Bob Pardini, Staffing Consultant, FM Global

"Excellent Opening – Stimulating! Each program enabled me to gather ideas, reinforce Programs currently in place. Very Enjoyable!"

Ross Johnson, Vice President Human Resources & Recruitment, CPC, CTS, CSP of PeopleFirst Rehabilitation

"Good Content; good mix of strategy and tactical…"

Charles Maheras, Manager Staff Planning, Hiring,Relocation, Sandia National Laboratories

"Lot of info to utilize in my career – very helpful to me. Increasingly valuable to my organization."

Sonya Clark, Human Resources Manager, Garnet Hill, Inc

"Conference was chaired by experts in the recruitment field with innovative and futuristic ideas."

Lux M Nazario, Benefits & Employment Manager Human Resources, MetroPlus Health Plan

"Extremely educational, useful and informative. Gained knowledge on searching capabilities, candidate generation and a variety of search techniques."

"The conference was truly outstanding, lots of ideas on how to 'pursue' that ideal candidate and market the organization."

High tech company senior HR professional attendee from the Los Angeles area

"Comprehensive and informative"

Lanetta Lundberg – Human Resource Assistant Manager – Ketchikan General Hospital

"I really enjoyed the conference. I learned a great deal."

Wendy Clouser – HR Director – Encon Inc

"For my 1st time attending, was happy with the conference."

Mike Magnotta – Recruiting Manager – Woolpert Inc

"well worth the registration fees"

Kathlene Kuykindoll – CEO – BullZeye Inc

"Thanks for the very beneficial 2 days."

Marsha Rinehart – Evecutive Vice President – Kokosing Construction Company
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