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Shally Steckerl, Chief CyberSleuth, JobMachine
Shally Steckerl
As Chief CyberSleuth of JobMachine, the premier provider of Sourcing Consulting Services and Research Training, Shally Steckerl is a talent acquisition consultant, strategist, and speaker. Mr. Steckerl’s experience includes consulting with and building sourcing organizations at many Fortune 500 companies. During his time with Microsoft he managed the research arm of their global centralized sourcing team. Prior to that he has consulted with leading organizations such as Google, Genentech, Disney, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Cisco Systems, and Motorola where he has been instrumental in architecting centralized recruitment models.
From his passion for the Internet as a recruitment tool and his continually innovative methods, has come a reputation as an authority in Internet search, and pioneer in recruitment research. An accomplished author, consultant and trainer, Mr. Steckerl is a frequent contributor to many industry forums and a speaker at leading conferences. He is the 2005 Winner of the Best Recruiting Research Blog Award for his blog, Cybersleuthing.
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