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Panel Session:

You Gotta Love Recruiting!

In this session, let’s get real:
What does it really mean to “cultivate a talent network?” How do recruiters keep up with changing technology, social, and workforce demographics? What does it mean to get the best of the best talent? How do we stay engaged when requisition loads are up, and budgets are reduced?

In this engaging session, we’ll strike at the core of why we do what we do as talent acquisition professionals: How do we stay relevant (and excited) about our profession as it evolves at such a rapid pace? How do we lead the organizations we serve, instead of following? How to balance the responsibility and stewardship we are given on behalf of our organizations with being in the trenches?

With Leslie Mason, Jennifer McClure, Jason Warner, Rayanne Thorn, and Melissa Mounce

Sourcing Summit Sessions:

7 Steps to Highly Productive Sourcing

In this workshop, you’ll learn the seven ways you can immediately transform your sourcing efforts to attract and hire the top candidates through two key areas:

Sourcing: Casting a wide net through intelligent sourcing
Active, passive or both? Which candidates should you be targeting – and how?

Analytics: Metrics that help you work smarter, not harder
Analytics keep you on track and show you which methods are working. Learn the tips to successful analytics to make your recruiting more effective.

Discover the seven secrets to effective sourcing including which candidates to target, leveraging the right tools and people and optimizing analytics. Transform your recruiting efforts today!

Best Practices Starting Now

With the knowledge and expertise shared with you there are three things today’s presenters recommend you implement first thing Monday morning: ‘How To’ 1. Define Your Objective 2. Optimize Your New Tool Kit, and 3. Beef Up Your Candidate Pipeline

With Laura Stoker and Shally Stecker


Sheri is Vice President of Small Business at where she helps small companies become big talent magnets. Sheri has over 15 years of product marketing and strategy experience, most recently serving as a Vice President of Client Experience at Charles Schwab and a Senior Business Leader in Visa’s Commercial Product Group. She got her start in helping companies grow working as a management consultant at Charles River Associates and The Monitor Group. Sheri earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and her MBA in Finance and Strategic Management from The Wharton School of Business.