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Optimizing Recruiting and Sourcing Effectiveness

Effective Sourcing augments recruiting through ingenuity by leveraging information and expertise. In this session Don Ramer and Shally Steckerl will present highlights from a process used to identify opportunities that achieve this leverage through expert benchmarking against best practices. To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage from hiring the right people at the right time through superior Recruitment and Sourcing, leaders must identify the gap between current practices and existing benchmarks. An example of the tools utilized in this optimization is a Recruitment PESTLE Analysis (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental) used to discover the gaps and arrive at a prioritized short list of opportunities for significant improvement. The outcome is to obtain alignment between senior leadership and the recruitment organization by aligning operational effectiveness, tactical capabilities and strategic directions together.

With Don Ramer

The Sourcing Summit:

Boolean Search Is Outdated, Forget About It!
The Most Powerful Search Engines Are Ones You Custom-Build for Yourself

Focus only on the key data you need and look past massive volumes of irrelevant information with these hard-hitting, top secret search techniques. The old ways of skills-based Boolean searches won’t bring you the vast majorities of people who utilize conversational phrases in their writing. Learn to apply new ways of sourcing that reveal talent hidden in plain sight on all the databases, search engines, social networks and job boards.

Best Practices Starting Now

With the knowledge and expertise shared with you there are three things today’s presenters recommend you implement first thing Monday morning: ‘How To’ 1. Define Your Objective 2. Optimize Your New Tool Kit, and 3. Beef Up Your Candidate Pipeline

With Laura Stoker and Sheri Kahn


Shally Steckerl, EVP Arbita is a globally recognized recruiting leader who over the last 15 years has helped build sourcing organizations for companies like Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Cisco and Motorola. Today Mr. Steckerl advises recruiting leaders on how to successfully embed key sourcing initiatives into their current efforts, improve the performance of their existing sourcing teams, and establish sourcing functions from the ground up.

Often compared to a shot of adrenalin for recruiters held back by confusion, hesitation or fear, Shally is passionate about encouraging people to experiment in their search for talent and color outside the lines with audacity. Because of his unparalleled obsession with sourcing, and his continuous drive to probe for practical solutions where nobody has looked before, Shally delivers the courage recruiting leaders need to walk the edge to success in today’s over-informed world.

Mr. Steckerl is originally from Colombia, South America, and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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