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The "Kennedy Conference" can be predictable: Spring on the West Coast, Fall in the East — but some things are ALWAYS new and exciting: our line–up of brand new content and top flight speakers!

Tuesday, May 13

9:00 AM
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Wednesday, May 14

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Welcome & Opening Remarks

Conference Host: Anna Brekka, Senior Director Talent Management Services, Kennedy Information
12:05 PM: Working Lunch
Sponsored by Qualigence
Recruiting focus Real-World Recruiting for Today's Workforce

Recruiting has changed drastically over the past several years and the corporate world is still adjusting. Today’s companies know exactly what they are looking for in talent, and expect their recruiters to get this highly sought-after talent as measured against yesterday’s metrics…this will never work. The economy has changed, the candidate has changed, the recruiter has changed, so the metrics must change too. The wrong metrics will drive the wrong recruiter behavior. Having the right metrics in place may be a recruiting culture change for your company, but utilizing them will be the only way for you and your company to succeed in gaining the talent you want.

In this presentation, you will understand what has changed and how these changes affect your recruiting efforts and metrics. You’ll learn the purpose and importance of utilizing correct recruiting metrics and see the complete picture of what today’s recruiter looks like. You’ll learn today’s recruiting metrics and how to implement them.
Presenter: Steve Lowisz, President & CEO Qualigence
12:55 PM - 1:05 PM Break

1:05 PM - 2:00 PM
Recruiting focus Silent Impact: Charting the Bottom Line in Talent Acquisition
This session focuses on the direct bottom line implications and the strategic value of a well honed Talent Acquisition Program. The old adage that you can't ever hire 5 out 5 will become an urban myth and you will be able to walk away with the power of knowledge that demonstrates an objective financial measurement and ROI methodology.

In this session you will learn how to build the business case for the necessary resources to acquire the right type of talent. You will understand the realities and negative financials of a bad hire and dispel the importance of old metrics like “time to fill” and “cost per hire.” Finally, the insights and methods you will gain from this session will help you to create a pathway to a substantial seat at the table.
Keynote Speaker: Daniel Hanyzewski, Staffing Director, NIKE
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Coffee Break & Exhibitor Showcase

2:30 PM - 3:20 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focus Customer Care: Getting Outside the Box?
Do you know who your customers are? Hint: They’re not just your hiring managers. Are they evangelists or critics of your employment brand? Join TiVo’s William Uranga and learn how the popular tech company is answering these questions and delivering great service. Customer service is often one of the casualties in the "war for talent." It can affect your brand, productivity, retention and the bottom line. Hear how TiVo is dealing with this question and how the company continues to work through this paradigm shift.

In this session you will learn how to identify your customers. They are more numerous than you think! You’ll learn how to determine whether or not your "customer service" is on life support. You’ll see how service is really a contact sport and you will learn how to say "no" when you can't say "yes."
Presenter: William Uranga, Senior Director, Staffing TiVo
2:30 AM - 3:20 PM (Concurrent session)
Sourcing Recruiting Tools focus The New Game in Town - Building a Recruiting Brand with Video
At the MITRE Corporation, replacing retiring “boomers” with talented Gen X and Y engineers and scientists has become a strategic imperative. To do so, MITRE has taken a leap into the video gaming world in order to engage, entertain, educate, and entice these future workers. This presentation will demonstrate how a simulated interview can capture the attention of gamers and build brand recognition over the long term.

Take-aways from this session include understanding who the gamers are and how to reach them; learning how to craft an engaging yet educational game to build your brand; creating a viral marketing distribution model; measuring the return on investment, and more.
Presenters: Gary Cluff, Corporate Recruitment Manager, MITRE Corporation; Matthew Patron, Principal Software Systems Engineer, The MITRE Corporation
2:30 PM - 3:20 PM (Concurrent session)
Legal focus Recruiting Tools focus Recruiting and The Law: Avoiding Risk During the Hiring Process
The recruiting and hiring process is fraught with legal landmines, and the knowledge of and compliance to various regulations runs the gamut in hiring companies. In this practical session, you’ll hear from an expert in the practice of “lawful recruiting”, and gain the knowledge you need to help avoid legal problems down the road.

You’ll uncover the requirements and safe practices within pre-employment inquiry, background screening, testing, and credit checks. You’ll also learn of the specific regulations around ADA, Family Medical Leave Act, and EEOC. Plus – the unique aspects of recruiting around race and gender. Arrive prepared: it’s not uncommon to uncover some areas of high-risk in your recruiting processes.
Co-Presenters: John MacDonald, Shareholder & Litigator, Stark & Stark and Aliza Herzberg, Partner, Olshan Grundman Frome Rosenzweig & Wolosky
2:30 PM - 3:20 PM (Concurrent session)
Healthcare Recruiting focus Unlocking the Power of Diversity
This session addresses the frequently heard moan that the pool of highly qualified recruits is very small. The pool is considered even smaller when looking for minority and female candidates. Is it the pool that’s too small or is the recruiter’s mindset and world view too small? In this session, you will address the myth of the “missing” minorities and explore ways to increase the size of the pool or look elsewhere – successfully.

Valda Boyd Ford, CEO of the Center for Human Diversity, will provide you with the tools and the know-how to find qualified minority and female candidates. You’ll also learn to use the recruitment tools and methods that are available to you to assess and correct personal preconceptions that interfere with creative and successful recruitment
Key Note: Valda Boyd Ford, President & CEO, The Center for Human Diversity
3:20 PM - 3:30 PM
Coffee Break & Exhibitor Showcase
3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
Recruiting focus The Power or Employment Branding to Attract & Retain Talent
Just as companies brand products so that consumers will purchase them, companies can also brand their employer identity to ensure that they have a robust talent pipeline of candidates and an engaged workforce. The work of employer branding is quickly being recognized by leading companies as a business driver to ensure the best talent selects their company of the competition.

From this session you will take back an understanding of the value and impact of managing your employer brand internally and externally. You’ll assess HR's role in managing the employer brand and leveraging the involvement of critical functions. You will learn the six critical steps to successful employer branding and see brand evolution as an iterative process - not just a project.
Featured Speaker: Reagan Kowske, Manager, Talent Acquisition at Whirlpool Corporation
3:30 PM - 4:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting Tools focus Steal Willingly – Credit Openly: The Tool Kit of a Lone Recruiter
A life cycle recruiter has to overcome many tactical obstacles to stay on track with one goal in mind: Create lasting relationships with prospects and candidates to increase the talent pool and decrease time to fill. However there is only so much time in a day! This seminar will introduce you to a tool kit that:
  • Reduces essential value add items to a minimal time commitment
  • Creates ease of use access to contacts
  • Moves time to candidate facing tactics
  • Tools that include: SkillSurvey, Diigo, CardScan, Plaxo Pulse
Presented by: Geoffrey Dubiski, Principal & Managing Director, Sumner Grace & Associates
3:30 PM - 4:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Legal focus OFCCP Compliance for External Resume Database Sourcing
In this session, one of the industry's leading experts on OFCCP compliance,provides a riveting look at changing recordkeeping interpretations that affect today's recruiting professionals. The 'Internet Applicant' rule places additional burdens on federal contractors and 3rd party recruiters., and how you can prove that your sourcing activities are consistent and fair to avoid unnecessary litigation. This is a must-attend event for Federal Contractors, Search Firms, Recruiting Agencies and Individual Recruiters who need to keep up-to-date on the latest interpretations.

You will take away five steps to avoid a compliance audit or litigation while attracting top talent. You will learn to identify who the Internet Applicant Rule involves and why and you will come to an understanding of how the changing interpretations effect your recruitment efforts
Presented by: Chris Foreman, President of AIRS Human Capital Solutions

3:30 PM - 4:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focus Innovation in Recruitment: Best Practices to Source and Attract "A" Level Talent
As the recruitment landscape grows increasingly more competitive, employers are searching for ways to differentiate their organizations. HR is faced with the challenge of being more creative and strategic when it comes to sourcing and attracting top talent. New technology and a changing demographic create recruitment challenges… but also create opportunity.

Key to a successful recruitment strategy is an innvoative sourcing plan, one that creatively promotes brand identity through unique channels. This interactive session will examine and discuss innovative strategic ways to promote brand identity and attract top talent in 2008 and beyone, creating "demand" for your organization in a proactive recruiting plan. Includes session workbook.
Featured Speaker: Matthew Kaiser, Vice President & Talent Strategist, NAS Recruitment Communications

4:15 PM - 4:25 PM
4:25 PM - 5:30 PM
Recruiting focusRecruiting Trends: Best Practices From Today's Thought Leaders
The best new ideas in recruiting tend to be fleeting; highly successful in one hiring cycle and an afterthought the next. In this session, you'll learn the most recent recruiting best practices that you can put into place right away – first hand from a panel of well-connected experts on recruiting.

This select panel of Kennedy's thought leaders will deliver the timely recruiting strategies and techniques that break through the clutter, attract and land top talent, and pay off on the bottom line. This unique discussion will include Candidate Relationship Management (improving the candidate experience), the pros and cons of social networking and recruiting technology, Internet word-of-mouth and the best practices for Gen Y Recruitment.
Co-Moderators: Jeanne Sturges, Editor, and Executive Recruiter News, Kennedy Information; and Don Ramer, , CEO and Founder, Arbita
Panelists: Lizz Pellet, CEO, EMERGE International
Matthew Kaiser, Vice President & Talent Strategist, NAS Recruitment Communications; Rachele Williams
, Human Capital Management Program Manager, APQC; Paul Forster, CEO & Founder, Indeed
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Networking & Cocktail Reception

Thursday, May 15, 2008

8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast & Exhibitor Showcase
9:00 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Conference Host: Anna Brekka
, Senior Director Talent Management Services, Kennedy Information
9:05 AM -10:00 AM
Operationalizing Diversity in a Talent Management Strategy

Recruiting focus In February of 2005, Charisse Lillie took over as head of human capital for Comcast. One of her goals was to bring greater innovation and more diversity to the company's senior talent strategies. According to Lillie, the cable industry is neither worse nor better than other industries at maintaining diversity at the senior management level, but "it's mucheasier to get people into the door of a corporation.The real diversity issue in corporate America is retaining people with opportunities for leadership and development, so they can advance."

Lillie will talk about the approaching talent crunch and discuss the challenges of operationalizing diversity as a part of a talent management strategy. She will discuss the cable industry's renewed focus on talent management at all levels of various companies and discuss creative strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse talent.
Key Note Speaker: Charisse Lillie, Vice President Human Resources, COMCAST
10:05 AM
Recruiting focus Talent 3.0 – Latest Innovations to “Recognize and Grow Talent”!

The talent landscape is changing! Learn how you can leverage new discoveries in neuroscience and expert performance and the latest web 2.0 technologies to recognize and grow your company’s talent base, while lowering the costs by streamlining processes.

In this session you will identify which practices actually build top talent. You will discover the latest practices that will give you unlimited potential by leveraging “collective intelligence” to recognize top talent. You’ll learn what neuroscience tells us about building talent and you’ll learn which are the best selection practices. You will identify a practice that gives 80 percent results with the smallest investment of time and money. You will also explore how the latest technologies change today’s Talent Management practices.

Most important, you will see how to apply all of these discoveries to yourself and your organization and grow your strengths.
Featured Speaker: Yves Lermusi, CEO & Founder, Checkster
11:00 AM -11:30 AM
Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM (Concurrent Session)
Recruiting focus Sourcing focus Marrying Physical and Online Networking
John Sumser believes that recruiting is an "excruciatingly local sport". In order to test his theory, he's been running small, intimate events in cities around the United States. In this session he will delineate his findings and share recommendations for more effective local Recruiting.

Additionally, John will explore the implications of regional recruiting markets on the use of online social networks.
Presented by: John Sumser, Founder and President, Two Color Hat
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM (Concurrent Session)
Tools focus Demonstrating Results: Measuring the ROI of your Talent Acquisition Program
Organizations often measure their Talent Acquisition and Staffing programs in terms of effectiveness. This session will highlight the importance of measuring and reporting ROI. Case study examples will demonstrate this point, with transferable methodologies and tools that can be applied to your company.

The discussion will define the metrics that matter to executive leadership, and demonstrate quantifiable impact on the bottom line, You’ll also learn how to switch your program from a cost center to a profit center. This energetic session show you how to establish baseline talent acquisition metrics for your organization, how to improve your ability to demonstrate results by measuring the right metrics, and how to communicate results that matter. You’ll discover proven methodologies that can be immediately applied to your business.
Presented by: Charlene Abbonizio-Campo, Manager of Staffing for the Workflow and Solution Sectors, Siemens Medical Solutions
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting Tools focus The Aging of Our Workforce: Forging Opportunity out of Crisis
As America ages it is becoming increasingly more important to retain older workers particularly in areas where their experience and expertise cannot be cost effectively replaced. It is also more necessary to recruit older workers, who need less training, generally posses a better work ethic and can work on a part-time or temporary basis or on project assignments. Older workers have a great incentive to continue working as many need the additional income to offset the increased costs of health care. Full-time work is often not necessary and in most cases benefits need not be extended to employees not working full-time. This means big savings for the employers who take advantage of hiring this group. The session will focus on ways recruit older workers and retirees.

In this session, you will address steps and strategies for recruiting older workers including some who have retired. Others may be found among competitors who provide similar services or manufacture similar goods, or recruited from employers who employ older workers with the same skill-sets.
Presenter: Arthur Koff, Founder, Retired Brains LLC;
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Healthcare Recruiting focus Recruiting with a Customer Mindset: Making Your Recruiting Memorable
This session explores the importance of customer service as a core competency in recruitment. Recruiters have many customers: candidates, internal managers and staff, and colleagues. Those who succeed will incorporate customer service into their core values and will provide exceptional service to all their customers. This interactive presentation discusses what makes great customer service, why customer service is important, which companies have made excellent customer service their hallmark and how we can translate those examples into our healthcare recruitment programs.

You will learn how to assess customer service and measure improvements. Specific emphasis will be placed on technology and how this technology has impacted customer service; communication, consistency and timeliness. You will identify the impediments to delivering excellent customer service in recruitment and you’ll be able to build a best practice model for health care recruitment customer care.
Presenter: Andrea Holm, Corporate Manager of Strategic Recruitment, Atlantic Health
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focus Creating a Recruiting Culture
Citi is the largest Financial Services company in the world, hiring 60,000+ new employees a year. As a result of growth through acquisition and the sheer number of a dozen different business lines, Citi developed an inconsistent, inefficient, ineffective and disparate recruiting culture. The company’s more than 350 recruiting professionals did not talk to one another, share best practices or even follow the same processes and policies.

In this session you will learn how Citi executed a complete transformation of its recruiting function. You will gain insight into leveraging best practices, processes and resources to maximize recruiting’s impact to the business while minimizing cost. You’ll learn how to apply principles of resource management, contingency planning, development of effective communication timelines, business impact analysis and paced measurement of success with the integration of disparate, unique recruiting teams into a consistent yet nimble organization.
Presented by: Jason Leonard, Director of Staffing, Citigroup
12:15 PM - 12:25 PM Coffee Break & Exhibitor Showcase
12:25 PM - 1:10 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting Tools focus Benchmarking The Very best Corporate Staffing Pages: Where Worldclass is Always a Work in Progress
Learn from a panel of top corporate employment professionals about the trials and tribulations, challenges and obstacles they faced while developing their company’s online staffing pages. Who should be on the team? What are the biggest surprises? Can you really measure the impact that staffing pages have on recruiting success? What one feature results in the most benefit to hiring managers, recruiters, candidates?

Join in the discussion of this unique gathering to learn how to organize your resources to the most input without delaying decisions; How to integrate your company’s staffing brand; How to “bolt on” assessment and testing; What to Measure…and why; How to ensure transparency in the hiring process, and much more.
Moderator:Gerry Crispin, Chief Navigator, CareerXroads;
Panelists: Thomas Becker, Recruiting Director, Bank of America and peers from Fortune 1000 companies; Ben Gotkin, National Director, Experienced Recruiting Strategy Leader, RSM McGladrey; Reagan Kowske, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Whirlpool Corporation
12:25 PM - 1:10 PM (Concurrent session)
Legal focus Recruiting Employees with Restrictive Covenants
Non-competes, non-solicits, and other restrictive covenants are becoming more and more commonplace – and the trend is expected to continue as the talent market tightens. These agreements often result in legitimate concerns for both the candidate and the prospective employer. The recruiter sits somewhere in the middle, often with no idea how to contend with this risky endeavor.

In this session, you’ll learn why it is essential to determine whether or not a potential candidate has entered into a restrictive covenant. You’ll learn to identify the danger signs from a candidate who is cagey about disclosing agreement details entered into with their employer. You understand what restrictive covenant information needs to be disclosed to you, and how to avoid getting caught in litigation arising from restrictive covenant disputes.
Co-Presenters: John MacDonald, Shareholder & Litigator, Stark & Stark and Aliza Herzberg, Partner, Olshan Grundman Frome Rosenzweig & Wolosky
12:25 PM - 1:10 PM (Concurrent session)
Healthcare Recruiting focus The Best Kept Secret of Inexpensive, Effective, Local Online Recruiting
Recruiters and employers today have a dazzling (maybe, overwhelming) array of options for publishing their job opportunities, from Craigslist and the local newspaper to Monster and CareerBuilder. More and more, the secret that growing numbers of employers are learning is that posting their job opportunities on their own Websites not only works for recruitment, it also increases the “Web gravity” of the employer site which helps with branding and marketing, too.

In this session, learn how to make those job postings obviously local, increase the effectiveness of your Website for job postings, increase the traffic to the job postings through free or low cost distribution of your job opportunities, and gather and retain valuable in-bound links and bookmarks. If your Web team doesn’t have the time to, or can’t, help, you will learn some low cost alternatives that you or any member of your staff can use to put those jobs out there under the employer’s umbrella or to supplement the postings already there.
Presented by: Susan Joyce, Editor and Webmaster,
1:10 PM - 2:30 PM
Networking Luncheon & Exhibitor Showcase

2:30 PM - 3:20 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focus Deciding Who Leads: How to Influence Strategic Recruiting When It's Out of Your Hands
Despite heavy investment in such strategic initiatives as employer branding, diversity recruiting, leadership development, and management succession, few companies fully grasp just how strategic recruiting and organizational progress toward those key business objectives is accelerated, stifled and influenced by forces external to the recruiting process.

Join former Kennedy analyst Joseph Daniel McCool for a revealing look at how organizations often lose control of the external recruiting process and what you can do to influence more consistent outcomes in strategic recruiting.

In this session you will learn the “10 Best Practices for Going Outside” in search of new talent. You will gain new insights into how organizations often lose control of the process and understand how the recruiting process is key to managing your brand as you become a more educated consumer of recruiting services firms overall.
Presented by: Joseph Daniel McCool, Author
2:30 PM - 3:20 PM (Concurrent Session)
Recruiting Tools focus Online Video's Impact on Employment
Online video has arrived. Don't believe it? Just ask Google who recently dropped over a billion dollars to acquire YouTube. And with bandwidth speeds increasing along with customer growth, the opportunity to connect online with job seekers is bigger than ever. This panel will look into the growing trend of online video as a means to brand your company as an employer of choice, increase candidate quality and even connect in real time. The hot button topic of video resumes is sure to rear its ugly head as well.
Moderator: Joel Cheesman, Head Cheese, HRSEO
Panelists: Colleen Aylward, CEO, Interview Studio; Mike McElroy, CEO, Vcruit; Lars-Henrik Friis Molin, Founder and Chairman, Universum Communications; Daniel Kurt Founder, CareerCam
2:30 PM - 3:20 PM (Concurrent Session)
Legal focus How to Use Search Engines & Social Networking Sites to Screen Candidates - Including Landmines and Pitfalls
Employers and recruiters have discovered a treasure trove of information on potential job applicants by using search social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and search engines. Les Rosen will take you through the pros and cons of employers utilizing these compelling new tools, including privacy and discrimination issues. Aided by case studies and by viewing Internet sites, you and your team will learn how these sites work, what you may find and the potential legal landmines and practical risks involved.

During this session, you’ll learn how to navigate through legal and practical roadblocks when using search engines or social networking sites. You’ll note the process recruiters should take to avoid costly hiring mistakes and you’ll learn how to keep your business out of court by legally obtaining and utilizing criminal records and background information. You’ll assess the pros and cons of utilizing internet sites and see how privacy and discrimination laws apply.
Presenter: Lester Rosen, President, Employment Screening Resources
2:30 PM - 3:20 PM Healthcare Recruiting focus
Is Social Theory Networking & SEM the Next Frontier in Recruiting?
As an industry, healthcare typically lags behind other industries when it relates to technology. This is especially true in implementing any interactive strategies to target hard-to-fill positions. Social networking sites have appeared quickly on the Internet landscape and continue to flourish. We need to capitalize on this phenomenon.

In this session you will get the most up to date information related to interactive strategies targeting Social Networking sites and Search Engine Marketing together with innovative means of attracting today’s healthcare candidates. You will identify the pros and cons of attracting candidates utilizing these vehicles, complete with valuable case studies. You will learn specific strategies for targeting candidates via social networking sites and you will gain an understanding of what Search Engine Marketing is and its benefits.
Presenter: Judith Russell, Vice President, Client Solutions - Healthcare Division, Bernard Hodes Group
3:20 PM - 4:00 PM
Ice Cream Social
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Recruiting Focus Real-World Recruiting

Iming, Podcasting, Blogging, YouTube-ing, Social Networking. The Web, its associated technologies, and their respective effectiveness change every day. So, how does a recruiter stay on top of the latest and greatest tools at their disposal? In this knowledge-rich session, a panel of experts will help you keep pace with the trends and technologies that matter to recruiters now - and in the months ahead.

To be effective, recruiting efforts going forward must appeal to a more web-savvy talent pool. This session will help you become better prepared for whatever may be coming down the electronic pike. Your potential candidates are ready - are you?
Moderator: Tony Lee, Chief Alliance Officer & Executive VP, Adicio
Panelists: Peter Weddle, CEO & Publisher, WEDDLE's; Carl Braun, CEO,; Susan Burns, Founder and CEO, Talent Synchronicity; Roberto Angulo, CEO & Founder,
5:00 PM - 5:05 PM
5:05 PM - 5:30 PM
Recruiting Focus Recruiting 2008: Putting Great Concepts to Work

Couldn't be everywhere at the Kennedy Conference at one time? Did you miss a session because you were busy networking? The office dared to call you in the middle of the event? Relax – these things happen! But here's your chance to get an "Executive Summary" of what Recruiting 2008 Conference & Expo Las Vegas addressed and to note the new ideas and strategies you plan to implement on return to your organization.
Presenter: Lauryn Franzoni, Vice President/Executive Editor, ExecuNet
5:30 PM
Expo Passport Winners Announcement

Friday, May 16, 2008 – Day 4

8:00 AM – 12:40 PM
Sourcing Summit
More Sourcing Summit Information
www.hrci.orgEach workshop will earn you an additional three (3) precertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI),
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