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The "Kennedy Conference" can be predictable: Spring on the West Coast, Fall in the East — but some things are ALWAYS new and exciting: our line–up of brand new content and top flight speakers!

Tuesday, May 19

7:00 AM
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Wednesday, May 20

9:00 AM
General Conference Registration/Exhibit Hall Open - Continental Breakfast
10:00 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks

Conference Host: Anna Brekka, Senior Director Talent Management Services, Kennedy Information
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Recruiting focusWork Strong: How to Take the Champion You Are to Work Each Day
All day, every day, recruiters and HR professionals help others to achieve career success. This presentation will focus on helping you to achieve yours. It will show you how to increase both your paycheck and your overall job satisfaction — both the rewards and the fulfillment earned from work.

This session will put you in touch with your inner champion, which will help you manage your career in good times and bad, and inevitably lead to you to career success. Through stories and fables, research and wisdom, this dialogue will show you how to turn work into an enduring source of happiness in your life.
Presenter: Peter Weddle, CEO, WEDDLES

11:00 AM - 11:10 AM Coffee Break & Exhibitor Showcase
11:10 AM- 12:05 PM
Recruiting focus Keynote: Show Some Enthusiasm!

They say that they last…. first impressions, that is. That’s exactly why it is so important that search recruiters and HR professionals impress talent immediately, engaging them with enthusiasm and a sincerely, positive attitude.

Join this upbeat session to explore innovative ways of connecting potential candidates with your brand, the importance of identifying talent that best suits your company, methods of recruiting (get ready to laugh) and the ins and outs of the recruiting cycle — from start to finish. Some would argue that on-boarding is the easy part and that continually recruiting talent for their next challenge in the company is the real challenge...This discussion sheds some light on where good recruitment strategies fit in with a company as part of an integrated HR plan.
Keynote Speaker: Paul Kennedy, HR Director EMEA, New Balance

12:05 PM - 12:15 PM Coffee Break & Exhibitor Showcase
12:15 PM - 1:00 PM
Recruiting focus Recruiting As If People Matter

Far too often we get caught up in the more technical side of recruiting: processes, reports, compliances… the list could go on. The fast-paced nature of recruiting, coupled with increasingly challenging times makes it easy to forget the critical impact our activities have on an organization’s brand. However, people should always be the primary focus of recruiting efforts. The way candidate views an organization is intrinsically connected to their deciding if it’s the right place for them. Plus, shifting organizational focus to the human side of the search reduces recruiter burnout and boosts productivity.

This presentation sheds light on how the application of simple courtesy can create real recruiting advantage by improving candidate quality, reducing costs, and reducing cycle-time. You’ll learn how to embed courtesy, respect and reciprocity in your recruiting processes through technology and recruiter training and development. This fresh approach to delivering memorable employment brand experiences promises to revitalize not only your recruiting process, but your organization as a whole.
Featured Speaker: Don Ramer, CEO and Founder, Arbita

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Lunch Break
2:30 AM - 3:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting Focus Top Priority in a Down Economy: Quality of Hire
In the current economic crises, as in any crises, it is more critical than ever to manage talent properly. In fact, the majority of Senior HR and line of business managers rate quality of hire as their top priority in a down economy. This timely session provides a concise debriefing on how organizations are addressing today’s mounting talent-management challenges.

In Top Priority in a Down Economy: Quality of Hire, Judy Sweeney leads recruiters and HR professionals through an exploratory discussion on the relationship between improving talent management strategies, processes and practices, and improving an organization’s ability to cope with the intrinsic hardships of an economic downturn. Even more important, she will advise attendees on how to ensure quality of hire through properly managing talent, provide metrics to assess quality of hire, and identify three steps to improve the quality of hire. She will also provide compelling case studies, documenting business improvements resulting from improved quality of hire.
Presenter: Judy Sweeney, Vice President and Head, Taleo Research

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting Tools focus Turning Strategy into Results: A Practical Approach to Workforce Planning
Effective workforce planning offers organizations a tremendous opportunity to translate talent into business value. Effective workforce planning can help you segment your workforce, establish priorities, develop future scenarios, and create a talent strategy with an actionable plan. It can also provide significant insight for decision management and compliance associated with separations, mergers and acquisitions — all critical needs as companies compete for talent in the turbulent conditions of today’s economy.

In this session, workforce planning strategy expert, Mitzi Adwell, provides the primary guidance and framework you need in order to clearly understand what workforce planning is, what it can do for you, and how to put it into practice for your organization. This is a great chance to gain practical knowledge that can help you reap the benefits of workforce planning for your organization. This session involves, hands-on learning activities, case studies exploring workforce challenges experienced by top companies and best-practices tools and strategies to help improve effectiveness and minimize costs associated with talent management.
Presenter: Mitzi Adwell, Talent Management Practice Leader, THENEWMANGROUP

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting Tools focus Preparing for the Recruiting Rebound: Re-Tooling Your Practices, Technologies and Tools for the Economic Turn Around
There is a big misnomer that during a down economy there is not much to do. What with all of the downsizing, layoffs and all? However, on the contrary, there is plenty to do — planning for the turnaround, for instance.

Becoming too lackadaisical is actually very detrimental to an organization’s reflexes and ability to adapt to a rapidly changing economic environment and demands of the workforce as a whole. Remember also that in certain industries (i.e. nursing), there are a disproportionate number of open positions, which only continues to grow and needs recruiters’ immediate attention.

In this business critical session, Michael Goldberg, advises strongly against letting apathy get the best of your career and offers a critical to-do checklist along with some key pointers to help your business’s recruiting team come out ahead when the economy does turn around. Number One: Stay Motivated and Remain Proactive. Check!
Presenter: Michael Goldberg, Manager of Recruiting, Freeman

3:25 PM - 4:10 PM
Recruiting focus Effectively Managing Your One-on-One Hiring-Manager Relationships
Informative and entertaining, this session is specially designed for corporate recruiters who want to better manage their hiring-manager relationships and operate as more strategic, consultative partners. Not only does it provide recruiters with practical strategies and tactics to leverage when setting and managing expectations about goals, roles, processes, and timelines — it also offers invaluable insight into what the best corporate recruiter “account managers” do to manage their hiring-manager relationships.

In effort to build a better relationship with your one-on-one hiring managers, it is critical for recruiters to learn what they must discuss in the strategy/kickoff meeting to demonstrate credibility to - and build confidence with - a hiring manager. It is just as critical to learn the four key elements of a quality Service Level Agreement (SLA) and how to leverage SLA to set and manage expectations effectively. Additionally, all attendees will receive a customizable sourcing strategy intake template and also a timeline expectation chart template that can be used to educate managers on processes and time-to-fill variables.
Presenter: John Vlastelica, Founder, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox, Inc.

3:25 PM - 4:10 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting Tools focus It All Adds Up: Engagement + Self Selection = Efficiency
Many companies seem to be in panic, survival, or retrenchment mode in the face of the current economic climate. Moreover, the under-35 talent pool is shrinking at the exact time when resources to attract, assess and retain are faltering. The need for effective and efficient talent communications has never been greater. However, there is currently a unique and limited window of opportunity for fundamentally strong companies to take aggressive steps to upgrade talent and "stack the deck" with an unfair share of talent so that they can distance themselves from competitors who are struggling, tentative, or unfocused. The question is: Can you really do more with less?

The answer is yes and this session explores the two keys to your future success. First, “Know Thyself”. Convey a strong employer brand and make sure the messaging is clear in order to drive self-selection, optimize recruiter time, and increase the likelihood of hiring candidates who are aligned with your organization’s goals. Second, maximize outreach and differentiate your company from the competition by speaking the language of next-generation of talent. Videogames/Sims, Facebook, YouTube™, Virtual Worlds, and other social media all help cast a wider net and tell your story in the medium they find most engaging… and are the most apt to use. Additionally, this session offers a close-up look at how leading clients like Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, and Nokia use this approach to achieve talent-communication goals and deliver skill-set assessments.
Presenter: Jim Wexler, EVP, Brandgames

3:25 PM - 4:10 PM (Concurrent session)
Legal Compliance focus Ten Practical and Proven Tools to Qualify and Hire the Best
Presenter: John MacDonald Esq., Litigator and Shareholder, Stark & Stark
3:25 PM - 4:10 PM (Concurrent session)
Healthcare Recruiting focus Proving Your Value: Justifying Your Existence at the Executive Table
As markets tighten and executive teams evaluate the benefits that the HR department provides to the business’s bottom line, the old ROI metrics are becoming less and less relevant. Rather, today’s leadership teams are asking, “How does HR help drive revenue?”

Demonstrating proven techniques from the healthcare industry, the presenters of this session will share, with you, models and case studies that demonstrate how HR/Recruiting professionals and departments can track and report realized at-risk revenue and by doing so, demonstrate that their tactics and efforts in-fact help contribute to the business’s bottom line.

The session will provide recruiters with all of the tools and techniques HR professionals need to justify their existence, including: advisements on what data to collect & when, how to correlate recruitment efforts to revenue generation for the company, how to communicate the bottom line impact, and how to define a timeline for implementing a data tracking and reporting process.
Co-Presenters: Jonathan Jones, Managing Partner, Pinpoint Strategies, LLC; Shawn M. Kessler, Recruitment Strategist, Zero-in Recruitment Marketing, and Kurt Scott, Director, Physician Search and Consulting, VISTA Staffing Solutions

3:25 PM - 4:10 PM (Concurrent session)
Hospitality Recruiting focus Hiring for the Long Term — The Ever-Lasting Power of Strong Employer Brand
Strong economy… weak economy… It doesn’t matter. Regardless of the fluctuating nature of the economy, one thing doesn’t change. Developing an easy-to-recognize employee brand is critical for sourcing the right candidates and thereby ensuring a company’s enduring success and resiliency to hard times.

Featuring the current hot topic of employer brand/identity, this session offers very timely advice. You’ll leave, knowing how to tell a convincing story of optimism, even in times when your company is actually not doing so great, and ways to influence fellow recruiters to tell the same story so that it’s cohesive. In addition, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate with Gen Y and strike a chord with them on hot issues like social responsibility and being Green — and very important, how to get them to share your message.

That’s great, you say, but how do I know if my efforts to build a better brand are working? This session also advises recruiters on how to use different technologies to measure the effectiveness of an organization’s campaign.
Presenter: Kat Drum, Global Employment Brand Program Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

4:20 PM - 5:30 PM
Recruiting focusLeveraging Your Company's Greenness Through Branding to Lure Top Talent
Panel Host: Jeanne Sturges, Editor, and Executive Recruiter News, Kennedy Information
Moderator: Gerry Crispin
, Co-Founder and Chief Navigator, CareerXRoads
Panelists: Lizz Pellet, CEO, EMERGE International; Kat Drum, Global Employment Brand Program Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company; Vicki Steere, Executive Director, Jobing Foundation and Marie Artim, Assistant Vice President, Recruiting for Enterprise Rent-A-Car
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Networking & Cocktail Reception & Exhibitor Showcase

Thursday, May 21

8:00 AM
8:30 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Conference Host: Anna Brekka
, Senior Director Talent Management Services, Kennedy Information
8:40 AM -9:25 AM
Recruiting focus Working Breakfast: Recruiters — More Important than the CEO?

As a recruiter, you are responsible for bringing in the intellectual capital to drive the success of your company. As recruiters, it is your obligation to identify, recruit, and hire the best talent that has the highest return on investment for your organization. Who in your organization has a more important responsibility than that? Sure, CEO’s get paid millions of dollars to lead thousands of people who are the lifeblood of today’s successful businesses. But who is responsible for finding and recruiting these thousands of people?

This presentation promises to help you understand the real impact recruiters can have on the success of their organization and why a strong recruiting department translates to stronger company profits.
Presenter: Steve Lowisz, President & CEO, Qualigence

9:35 AM - 10:25 AM
Recruiting focus Hospitality Recruiting focus Key Note: Retention in the Hospitality Industry

With turnover averaging 60% for line-level employees in the Hospitality Industry, managing your talent effectively and gaining genuine employee commitment through internal development and branding can save your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

In this session, you’ll discover actionable strategies for developing and integrating a workforce focused on driving performance at the individual level that not only fills your pipeline but also creates brand champions who sell your company at every opportunity. Key takeaways include: achieving organization excellence by developing a strategic talent management system; developing an organization that attracts, identifies, develops and retains pivotal talent; creating, communicating and managing an internal brand; and turning line-level employees and managers into a constant sales force through effective HR communications.
Co-Keynote Speakers: Laura Lee, VP Human Resources, Mirage Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas and Hilary McClain, Internal Talent, MGM Mirage

10:25 AM -3:15 PM
Exhibit Hall Open
10:25 AM -10:55 AM
Coffee Break
10:55 AM -11:45 AM
Recruiting focus Breaking the Brand Barrier

Yeager proved that you don’t die when you blast through the sky at 800 miles per hour. Branding experts have proved you can build powerful brands to overcome all odds — disbelievers, boring products and unknown companies. Now, it’s time to break your company’s brand barrier!

This invaluable session explores principles from industry-acclaimed brand experts and provides the information you need to build a rad employer brand no matter how big, small or un-sexy you think your company is…no matter what your budget is.

You will learn to achieve the impossible by leveraging marketing teams to lay the foundation of your employee brand; and how to build design simplicity and beauty into employment branding initiatives, at all levels.
Featured Presenter: Steve Fogarty, Recruiting Captain, adidas North America

11:55 AM -12:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focusUsing Mobile to Recruit
Anywhere, anytime - mobile communication technologies allow employers to connect with candidates like never before. It’s a connection based on relevance, engagement and consumer opt-in. With over three-billion handsets in the world, compared to only one-billion PCs, mobile technologies are rapidly becoming the media of choice for savvy recruiters worldwide.

Add together the number of people using the Apple iPhone, the Google Android and, of course, the ever-evolving Blackberry and you have a growing population with access to the same computing power as a laptop. Now’s the time to ask yourself: Will your company take advantage of the mobile recruiting trend or be left behind?

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive search market, recruiting using mobile media is worth a few moments of consideration - at the very least. This session takes an in-depth look at everything from WAP to SMS/MMS to mobile SEO and beyond with provocative commentary, expert opinion and real-life case studies.
Presenter: Joel Cheesman, CEO and Founder, mJob and Cheezhead

11:55 AM -12:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Legal focus Caution! Using the Internet and Social Networking Sites to Screen Applicants
Employers and recruiters have discovered a treasure trove of information on potential job applicants by using social networking sites — such as MySpace™, Facebook, LinkedIn® — and various search engines. However, it is important to remember that using these sites can present many risks, including issues related to privacy, discrimination, authenticity and reliability. If these sites are wrongly used, even if unknowingly or unintentionally, it can do significant damage to your "employment brand," as well as expose you to litigation and negative publicity. This session advises you on how to stay out of trouble.

Through case studies and viewing different Internet sites, attendees will learn exactly how to screen candidates online. In addition, the group will evaluate the pros and cons of using Internet sites, learn associated privacy and discrimination laws and attain invaluable strategies for navigating legal and practical roadblocks when using search engines or social networking sites.
Presented by: Lester S. Rosen, President, Employment Screening Resources

11:55 AM -12:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Healthcare Recruiting focus More than Meets the Eye: A Step-by-Step Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Doctors
There is more to physician recruiting than meets the eye. In fact, it is the planning and teamwork that takes place, before candidates are even contacted, that leads to consistent physician recruiting success. Based on Merritt Hawkins & Associates’ latest publication “Merritt Hawkins & Associates’ Guide to Physician Recruiting”, this session provides both strategic and tactical guidelines that hospitals and medical groups must abide by in order to not only successfully recruit physicians but also to retain their services for the long-term.

Guest speaker, Kurt Mosely begins by explaining how physician recruiting is different from other types of searches, transgressing to an in-depth discussion of the various elements that comprise a winning physician recruiting plan. He reminds recruiters and HR professionals that when it comes to physician recruiting, it’s critical to keep what’s out of sight in mind when planning and strategizing recruiting initiatives. Key points include: analysis of today’s physician recruiting market, physician retention strategies, recruiting cost/benefit analysis, securing medical specialists, recruiting top clinicians (nurses, CRNAs, allied), regulatory compliance, demonstrating community need, assembling the recruiting team, opportunity analysis, incentive packages, recruiting contracts, sourcing candidates, the role of locum tenens and more.
Presenter: Kurt Mosley, VP of Business Development, The MHA Group

11:55 AM -12:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focus Rev Up Your Search Engines: Tools & Tactics to Give Recruiting Skills a Tune Up
The race for finding qualified candidates is on. So give your recruiting skills a quick tune up and learn how to recruit faster and more efficiently with new navigation tools, recruit candidates not actively looking for employment, learn new ways to deepen your candidate pool worldwide and maximize your time using some the latest recruiting sites.

A comprehensive update for experienced searchers and a great tutorial for beginnings, this session advises recruiting professionals on how to find the “perfect candidate”, using fundamental AIRS techniques in new ways and in conjunction with new search engines. You’ll not only learn how to Google™ hidden documents and create critical search alerts, you'll also gain exposure to different search engines that, while lesser known, are of great assistance to recruiters everywhere — Viewzi and Searchme, for instance.
Presenter: Jamie Minier, President, The RightThing and Terry Terhark, CEO, The RightThing

12:40 PM - 1:55 PM Lunch Break
1:55 PM -2:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focus Sourcing focus Finding Keepers: Hiring for the Long-Term in a Down Economy
We hear it over and over, “Our people are our number-one asset.” Never before has that phrase had more meaning than during tough economic times. The reality is — payrolls are often an organization’s number-one expense line. Companies that focus on building a fully engaged, motivated and productive workforce will not only survive, but thrive in today’s marketplace.

In this fast-paced session, you will explore what makes an employee a “keeper” and learn how to modify your recruiting process in order to attract and convert top talent from the ever-growing pool of active and passive candidates. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of the importance of focusing on acquiring top-talent NOW and tips to both motivate and measure your recruiting teams on their effectiveness at hiring for the long-term. Eric Winegardner, VP of Client Adoption,™
Presented by: Eric Winegardner, VP Client Adoption, Monster Worldwide

1:55 PM -2:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Tools focus Sourcing focus You Built it. They Came. Now What? Website Designs to Engage Quality Candidates
Your corporate website is increasingly the soul of your recruiting process. And as you know, it’s not a one-time effort but a continuous improvement process that demands a fare share of development and analyses.

In this high-energy discussion, our panelists - who work for firms that have labored to create world-class websites - will offer stories about their challenges, successes and the “next-steps” that are essential takeaways for staffing leaders interested in maintaining engagement in the long-term. Moderated by the co-founders of CareerXroads, who critique nearly 1000 sites themselves each year, this session will provide critical insight into staffing website design trends, identify the dos and don'ts of implementing your next website improvement and provide ideas for measuring success and aligning to your firm's business plans. Plus - always invaluable information to have on hand - it will benchmark the best of the best!
Panel Co-Moderated by: Gerry Crispin, Co-Founder and Chief Navigator, CareerXRoads, and Mark Mehler, Co-Founder, CareerXRoads Panelists: Margie Medd, Director Employment Branding, Microsoft and Angelica Wolf, Employment Manager, Cirque du Soleil

1:55 PM -2:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Legal Compliance focus Best Practices in Background Screening
When it comes to identifying the right applicants and minimizing mistakes during the hiring process, HR personnel rely heavily on background screening provider’s information. But with so many choices, it can be difficult to pinpoint which background searches are right for different applicants and their particular organization.

This critical sessions provides insight into what background searches are essential for each job applicant, what searches should never be run on their own and what the consequences are for utilizing an incomplete background search package. You will leave knowing how to make smarter decisions throughout your entire screening process, including what searches must be performed to ensure due diligence, alternative search options for unique applicants, and understanding search time frames. Ultimately, all attendees will be able to analyze their own background screening program and make adjustments in accordance to what they learned in order to improve the quality of, and their confidence in, their processes and thereby the personnel they bring on board.
Presenter: Jill Gengler, Director, Merchants Information Solutions

1:55 PM -2:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Healthcare Recruiting focus “Surprise and Delight” Transformation Initiative – 2009
In today’s ultra competitive Healthcare Market, your recruitment organization needs to be able to not only identify and recruit Healthcare’s top talent and align the recruitment function as a true business partner but also quantify the departments return on investment (ROI).

In this spirited session Erika Duncan will share best practices about her innovative “Surprise & Delight” Transformation Initiative. She will provide details on the Seven Key Objectives of this initiative and how it is positively impacting Spectrum’s entire healthcare organization. Erika will also share with you research, insight and decision criteria for transitioning from a primarily decentralized recruitment model to a centralized – “hybrid” model. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to implement at your organization, make certain to include this session in your agenda!
Presenter: Erika Duncan, Director of Talent Acquisition, Spectrum Health

1:55 PM -2:40 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focus Simulation Interviews —“Show Me What You’ll Do for Me”
In a challenging economic environment, there is zero room for error in hiring the right talent to stabilize, strengthen, and grow your organization. Beyond traditional interview questions… beyond even the proven technique of behavior-based interviewing, simulation interviews allow you to see precisely how your top candidates will handle the real problems they’ll face on the job. This session will show you how employers are using simulation interviews, what kinds of problems they are posing, and how candidates respond. You’ll learn when and how to use this interview strategy and the kinds of questions and problems you can pose to make it meaningful and relevant for both hiring manages and candidates.
Presenter: Louise Kursmark, MRW, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP, CCM; President, Best-Impression Career Services, Inc.
2:40 PM - 3:10 PM Ice Cream Social
3:10 PM - 4:00 PM (Concurrent session)
Recruiting focus Real-World Recruiting and the Online Future: IMing, Podcasting, Blogging, YouTube-ing, Social Networking…
The Web, its associated technologies, and their respective effectiveness change every day. So, how does a recruiter stay on top of the latest and greatest tools at their disposal? And, which of the multitude have the greatest impact on results?

In this knowledge-rich session, a panel of experts will help you keep pace with the trends and technologies that matter most to recruiters, right now — and which ones to look for in the future. You’ll leave this session savvy to recruiting talent with the tools available to you now and better prepared for what is quickly coming from the electronic talent channel down the line. Your potential candidates are ready and waiting for the future of online recruiting. The question is… Are you?
Moderator: Tony Lee, Chief Alliance Officer and Executive Vice President, Adicio
Panelists: Chelle Bize
, Classified Recruitment Manager, Las Vegas Review Journal ; Carmen Hudson
, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, Yahoo! and Roberto Angulo, President and CEO of AfterCollege, Inc.

4:00 PM - 4:20 PM
Recruiting Focus Essential Recruiting 2009 Conference Recap

Did you miss a session because you were busy networking... The office dared to call you in the middle of the event? Relax; these things happen to everyone!

Undoubtedly, Kennedy’s Conference offers a lot…. a lot of sessions covering today’s foremost topics, a lot of cutting-edge information, a lot of highly-acclaimed expert speakers, a lot of exhibitors, a lot of attendees, a lot of opportunities to network… Proportionately, with only one of you and so much to do, it wouldn’t be surprising if you missed something. However, you invested time and resources to attend Las Vegas 2009 Recruiting Conference & Expo and your frustration for missing a session or workshop that was important to you is completely understandable.

This session is designed, precisely to help eliminate that frustration. It is your exclusive opportunity to get an “Executive Summary” of the key points the Conference & Expo addressed — from novel ideas and strategies, to how to implement them upon returning home to your organization. The collective leading this intensive summary serves as an extra set of eyes and ears throughout the conference. They document all of the best practices and new concepts you might have missed along the way… sharing them here to ensure that you catch all of the critical highlights that will help make 2009 a very good year.
Presenter: Lauryn Franzoni, Vice President/Executive Editor, ExecuNet

4:20 PM
Expo Passport Winners Announcement

Friday, May 22, 2009 – Day 4

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sourcing Summit
More Sourcing Summit Information

www.hrci.orgEach workshop will earn you an additional three (3) precertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI),
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