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How To Boost Your Recruitment Brand Through Online Transparency

Job candidates are hungry for information and they’re now turning to the World Wide Web to dig, share and find insights that give an inside look into what’s really going on at a company. While the job of a sourcing professional and recruiter is to not only find top talent, it’s also to know where target job candidates are going to get the information they need. We will spend the hour discussing how and where people are going today (and tomorrow) to get their information and offer some ‘how to’ advice on managing your recruitment brand and in turn attracting top talent to your company in this new age of transparency.


Rusty Rueff is a corporate and philanthropic Board Director, career and workplace expert consultant and writer, as well as start-up company advisor and investor. He currently serves on the corporate Boards of, an online jobs and career community, and, a video interviewing platform designed to improve the recruiting process. Rusty was the CEO of SNOCAP from 2005 through the successful sale of the company to imeem, Inc. in April 2008. Prior, he led Human Resources departments at both Electronic Arts (EA) and PepsiCo companies.  Rusty is also the co-author of “Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business”, (Prentice-Hall. 2006).