Rayanne Thorn, Marketing Director, Broadbean Technology

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The New Front Porch

The era in which we live is one of speed and visual impact. This can be directly correlated with the internet, a relatively new technology when compared to the automobile or the telephone, but most assuredly as life-changing. How we receive information has changed. How we send it has changed, as well. Are you ready for those changes and how they will affect your life, family, and work? Let’s have a good, old-fashioned chat about the new media, social networking and where it’s taking us. Learn and actively participate in a discussion about the latest social revolution and how to take control of your online presence and continue to grow your network.

With Melyssa Bernstein, Gail Houston, Jerry Albright, and Eric Winegardner.

You Gotta Love Recruiting!

In this session, let’s get real:
What does it really mean to “cultivate a talent network?” How do recruiters keep up with changing technology, social, and workforce demographics? What does it mean to get the best of the best talent? How do we stay engaged when requisition loads are up, and budgets are reduced?

In this engaging session, we’ll strike at the core of why we do what we do as talent acquisition professionals: How do we stay relevant (and excited) about our profession as it evolves at such a rapid pace? How do we lead the organizations we serve, instead of following? How to balance the responsibility and stewardship we are given on behalf of our organizations with being in the trenches?

With Leslie Mason, Jennifer McClure, Jason Warner, Sheri Kahn, and Melissa Mounce


Rayanne Thorn is the Marketing Director for Broadbean Technology, a recruiting software company based in London. Her specialties include writing and social marketing. She first became entranced with social media when MySpace was taking over not only the internet, but the imagination of every teenager, and job boards were quickly replacing the classified ads in newspapers. Like the proverbial moth to the flame, she has been drawn to the world of online communications because its impact and resultant changes are undeniable. She describes social media as the New Front Porch, the place where we meet and greet, gossip and unwind, listen and speak, learn, and change. Life in business is continuously altered because disruptive technology companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn refuse to stand still. She has presented her interesting take on social media in places as far away London and Toronto and as close as her neighborhood chamber of commerce. When Rayanne isn’t talking about social media, she is usually writing about it. She is an avid writer about her brushes with humanity and technology and how they always seem to intersect. Since February of 2009, she has been writing Bonus Track, a featured daily post on RecruitingBlogs.com for two and a half years and now a partner at Blogging4Jobs.com. She is often a guest blogger in and outside of her industry.