Pre-Conference Workshops

Why wait for the main event, especially when pre-conference workshops offer such stimulating and valuable learning opportunities? Choose the workshop that best meets your needs.

Organizations sending multiple delegates: Why not send a representative to each?

Wednesday, October 23
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
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Jason Warner
Recruiting Metrics and Analytics Bootcamp
In this practical and engaging session, Jason Warner, former Global Recruiting Leader at Google and Starbucks and Founder of RecruitingDash, a SaaS provider of world-class recruiting metrics, analytics and dashboards, will lead participants in developing real skills in the following areas, utilizing practical, real-world case studies to facilitate learning and development. Click here to learn more.Led by Jason Warner, Founder, RecruitingDash, former Corporate Recruiting & Talent Management Leader at Google and Starbucks


Steve Lowisz
Primary Recruiter Certification Program - Recruitment Education Institute
The Primary Recruiter Certification Program will provide both novice and experienced recruiters with a comprehensive set of exercises that cover the necessary techniques to improve their recruiting abilities, client management skills, and overall cycle management in today’s changing environment. Based on proven sales techniques, PRCP is an interactive program delivered through 8 primary modules. Click here to learn more.Led by Steve Lowisz, Author, Educator,



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