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Recruiting is about people. Their focus on their horizon. It’s about achievement and rising stars. Finding them to place them where they can shine.

The recruitment industry today, like business itself, is borderless. Yet there is a need to place people who fit local cultural nuances.

Technology provides seemingly unlimited resources for recruitment, and provides access to an ever-deeper talent pool.

In this environment, search has become ubiquitous, highly targeted, and detailed.


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Our Name and Logo

THE RECRUITING CONFERENCE is our vision in response to a need for a single venue that synthesizes the interests and goals of the industry in a way that is productive, challenging, customized, and state of the art. It is the summit for the industry and sets a new standard of excellence.

To coincide with our new service name, we engaged a brand consultant to develop a logo, look, and feel that represents our mission, vision, and objective.

Our Symbol

The symbol embodies people, their aspirations, and the global nature of recruiting today, which involves connecting virtually and face to face. The horizon line within the circle is a metaphor for the global reach of recruiting.

Symbolically, a person with arms raised to a summit signifies the aspirations for individual talent, management, suppliers, and leaders.

The symbol signifies a common goal: recruit to retain.

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Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV
October 14th-17th, 2012
Oct. 15-17 Exhibitors