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Lou Adler

CEO and Founder
The Adler Group


Lou Adler () is the CEO and founder of The Adler Group (www.adlerconcepts.com) – a training and executive search firm helping companies around the world implement Performance-based Hiringsm. Adler is the author of the definitive guide for hiring top talent, Hire With Your Head (John Wiley & Sons, 3rd Edition, 2007) – an Amazon top-10 best-seller, based on his twenty years as one of the top recruiters in the country.  He is also the author of the award-winning Nightingale-Conant audio program, Talent Rules! Using Performance-based Hiring to Hire Top Talent (2007). Adler’s prior industry experience included operations and general management positions with the Allen Group, and senior financial management positions with Rockwell International.

How to Hire Great People - One Search at a Time (Wednesday, Oct. 17 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

The Secrets of Performance-based Hiring

Industry guru Lou Adler has been peddling his mashup interviewing, sourcing, and recruiting into something he calls Performance-based Hiring. He's even written an Amazon best-selling book about it, Hire With Your Head (Wiley, 2007). Adler's going one better though in this post-conference workshop: He's agreed to conduct a step-by-step personal tour of what you need to do to hire top passive candidates. As part of the program, bring a real search assignment to the session. During this hands-on program, Adler will show you what you need to do from beginning to end to find and hire a top person for whatever critical job you need filled. He's even agreed to give every attendee a signed copy of his book. In a nutshell, here are some of the Adler shenanigans you'll be exposed to in the workshop:

1) How to get your managers to stop using job descriptions
2) Why you need to know your candidate before you start looking
3) Become a better interviewer than your hiring managers by conducting the one-question interview
4) The importance of only working with Achievers, i.e., the Top-half Half of the Top-half
5) How to convert every job into a career in the first 5 minutes of every call, and why you must
6) How to convince candidates it's much better to be underpaid vs. overpaid, and then close every deal with whatever comp budget available

Attendee Bonus:

Lou Adler’s new book, The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired, will be published in December 2012. In this preview session, Lou has agreed to walk through the highlights of what it takes to find and hire great candidates – passive, active, diverse, military and all varieties of high-potentials. In this 3D view of hiring from the perspective of the hot candidate, hiring manager and the recruiter, you’ll understand what it takes to get everyone on the same page. Here are the hottest of the hot topics Lou will discuss:

1) how to increase the size of the candidate pool 3-5X when you take the assignment

2) what you need to do to prevent your hiring managers from blowing the interview

3) learn how to negotiate compensation from first contact to the final close