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Talent Management Collaboratory: Are you Aligning Your Culture and Brand
to Increase the ROI of Recruitment and Retention?

Here’s your chance to be the session rather than just attend one! Lizz Pellet, author, national speaker and recognized expert in organizational culture and employment branding will select participants/volunteers throughout the program to deploy a mini “Brand Scan” on their company’s career site – LIVE.

This session is not for the shy, but rather for recruitment and talent management professionals who want to share and learn about employment branding best-practices, and how to ensure the recruitment message is authentic and congruent with their organizational culture. This is an interactive session, and everyone will have a chance to be chosen as a participant in a live “Brand Scan” – time permitting of course.

This presentation is extremely powerful and straight forward. The knowledge transfer from career site review can be taken back and deployed in the organization immediately.

Participants will gain an understanding of how to:

An overview of an effective, three step process to create a sustainable HR practice:

  • Look at an employment brand in the context of culture
  • Define cultural “fit” to identify the type of employee you desire to attract and retain and those you’d like to repel from applying in the first place
  • Leverage employment brand in recruiting and retention efforts to increase ROI
  • How to conduct their own “Brand Scan” to determine their current employment brand messaging

Audience participation and engagement: Lizz is a Certified National Speaker and the author of the 2009 SHRM publication – The Cultural Fit Factor, Creating an Employment Brand to Attract, Retain and Repel the Right Employees. Her presentations are very high energy, interactive and entertaining. Audiences greatly appreciate the use of humour, down to earth style, multi media presentation and real life business examples everyone can easily understand. A significant take away for many attendees is that they are given tools, ideas and examples that they apply immediately to their organizations.


Lizz Pellet is the CEO at EMERGE International, a California-based consultancy firm dedicated to improving the ROI of organizational culture, employment branding and transformational change efforts.

A Fellow from John Hopkins University, Lizz is also the acclaimed author of Getting Your Shift Together: Making Sense of Organizational Culture and Change. In addition to receiving praise for her writing, Lizz has presented over 50 professional learning sessions nationwide in the past three years, earning rave reviews about her down-to-earth presentation style, engaging sense of humor and substantiated research.

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