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How to Improve Quality of Hire

After years of tracking different talent acquisition metrics, ‘quality of hire’ has emerged from the shadows as the forerunner. Read almost any talent acquisition article and you’ll see it mentioned. Yet even defining this metric is a challenge. What is “quality of hire”? And what is the best way to track it? As talent acquisition as a function evolves rapidly, TA professionals are on point to have an opinion and approach for tracking QoH. In this session, Linda Brenner, former TA and TM leader for Fortune 100 companies, will discuss some novel approaches to defining and tracking quality of hire, as well as some easy-to-implement tactics for assessing your organization’s quality of hire.

Recruiting Trends 2012

How do we find the signal in all of the noise? In this session, we will see over the horizon: What are the trends we need to pay attention to versus the sparks that are simply distractions. What are the time horizons for each; what will be the impact, what is the urgency? See beyond the hype of current and future trends, the truly cutting edge best practices, and bigger trends to gain key insights on: Mobile. Video. LinkedIn. FaceBook, Twitter and others.

With a focus on the practical, this session will provide you with the insights and tactics you need today, in order to be prepared for tomorrow.

With Yves Lermusi, Jason Warner, Sarah White, & Kortney Kutsop


Linda started Designs on Talent with the vision of helping HR leaders drive results in talent acquisition and talent management. The firm’s clients include great companies such as Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting, LinkedIn, Home Depot and TJX. Prior to starting the firm, Linda Brenner was co-founder and Managing Partner of inTalent Consulting for five years.

Before consulting, Linda spent her professional career in human resources at leading retail and restaurant companies. As Director of Retail Staffing at The Home Depot, Linda led the effort to centralize the staffing function for the first time in the Fortune 25 company’s history. She oversaw the hiring of over 100,000 field hourly and management employees annually. She also worked in the company’s organizational development group, where she had responsibility for enterprise-wide succession planning, the talent review program, 360 feedback and leadership development programs, processes and tools.

Prior to joining The Home Depot, Linda was an HR Director for The HoneyBaked Ham Company and Training Manager for Pizza Hut’s Southeast Division, when it was part of the Pepsi organization.

Linda begin her career as an operator: running stores in the Boston market for Gap. She subsequently moved to their headquarters in San Francisco to work as a project manager on their training and management development team. Linda has a Master’s degree in Labor and Employment Relations from the University of Cincinnati.

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