Laura Stoker

Executive Director of Global Training


As an experienced research expert with over 15 years of experience, Laura serves as AIRS Executive Director of Global Training. She leads AIRS sourcing research and course development. With an extensive and diversified global recruiting background, Laura is a frequent presenter at national and international industry conferences. She has made appearances at Onrec, AESC, ERE and Kennedy Information. Since joining AIRS in 2000, Laura has trained numerous recruiters and corporate clients from many different industries around the world.

Laura began her recruiting career as a researcher for executive search firms working on international and domestic projects. Previously, she also worked as a Recruiter for J.D. Edwards in Denver, Colorado and as a Technical Recruiter for EMDS in Brussels, Belgium. Laura received her Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University-Pueblo and also studied extensively in Tübingen, Germany.

Revolutionary Sourcing (Tuesday, Oct. 16 3:00 PM – 3:50 PM)

We are all fishing from a similar pool of candidates.

Recruiters and sourcing researchers from Singapore to London to San Francisco and everywhere in between are using essentially the same tactics and online tools to locate passive talent today. Sites such as LinkedIn have, in some cases, become the primary resources that recruiting professionals use to find candidates. It’s not to say that’s a negative thing, but it means we are all fishing from a similar pool of candidates. In this day and age with all the tools available to us, that’s not necessarily cutting edge recruiting. The goal of this session is to remind recruiters and sourcers that there is more to a targeted recruiting plan than just professional networking sites. It will shed light on the fact that, in order to be truly revolutionary, sometimes it’s necessary to combine cutting edge sourcing tactics with long forgotten methods to outwit the competition and find the best talent!

The revolution begins with:

• Understanding how social media is impacting the recruiting landscape in 2012 and how sites other than the “big three” can be leveraged to find the best candidates that no one else is seeing.
• Exploring recruitment branding best practices using search engines, mobile tools, QR codes, and more of today’s candidate-friendly tools.
• Learning proven tactics for extracting resumes, CVs, profiles, attendee lists, membership directories and more from a wide array of search engines to build your candidate pool and increase recruitment success.
• Exploring one of the most increasingly popular frontiers in passive candidate recruitment, mobile based recruiting tools, techniques, and best practices.
• Utilizing time-saving and organizational tools to help manage and target searches to focus on finding candidate information that can help lead to more cost effective hires.

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Revolutionary Global Resourcing
(Global Recruiting Summit - Wednesday, Oct. 17 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM)