Laura Stoker, Executive Director of Global Training, AIRS

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The Art of Seductive Sourcing – Leveraging Social Media to Attract and Find Passive Candidates

Attracting and holding a candidate’s affections in this age of social media hedonism can be a challenging task for even the most beguiling recruiters. During this session we will explore how to leverage best in class websites and employ effective techniques for reaching the right candidates and keeping their attention. Learn how social media can make your jobs and your company alluring to the right candidates.

This session will cover:

• Harnessing the latest trends in social media in your recruitment strategy
• Making the latest changes at Google, Twitter, Facebook and other sites work for you
• Leveraging mobile recruiting tools
• Cloud recruiting best practices
• Useful advice for contacting and effectively communicating with candidates

With Tracey McGinnis

Sourcing Summit Session:

Ahead of the Rest – the Latest and Greatest Internet Sourcing Trends

The amount of user-generated content available on the web today is amassing at an unprecedented rate. In order to be able to extract relevant candidate information you need to have the best tools available in your sourcing arsenal.

This session will examine the latest websites, tools and technology available for recruiters that want to take their internet sourcing to new heights. Attendees will learn about the hottest social media management tools, relevant recruitment browser extensions, crucial mobile apps and the newest websites available for locating top passive talent.

During this session you will:

• Learn how to use a multitude of search engines including real-time, meta, people, vertical and others.
• Discover unique and niche specific sourcing tools such as Addictomatic, Omgili, and Backtweets.
• Evaluate browser extensions such as Yoono, Diigo, FileDigg and more
• Find out how to get the most out of custom search engines, mobile tagging and cloud based recruiting tools to help improve time management and sourcing results.

Sourcing Summit Panel Session:

Best Practices Starting Now

With the knowledge and expertise shared with you there are three things today’s presenters recommend you implement first thing Monday morning: ‘How To’ 1. Define Your Objective 2. Optimize Your New Tool Kit, and 3. Beef Up Your Candidate Pipeline

With Shally Steckerl and Sheri Kahn


As an experienced research expert with over 15 years of experience, Laura serves as AIRS Executive Director of Global Training.  She leads AIRS sourcing research and course development.  With an extensive and diversified global recruiting background, Laura is a frequent presenter at national and international industry conferences. She has made appearances at Onrec, AESC, ERE and Kennedy Information. Since joining AIRS in 2000, Laura has trained numerous recruiters and corporate clients from many different industries around the world.

Laura began her recruiting career as a researcher for executive search firms working on international and domestic projects. Previously, she also worked as a Recruiter for J.D. Edwards in Denver, Colorado and as a Technical Recruiter for EMDS in Brussels, Belgium. Laura received her Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University-Pueblo and also studied extensively in Tübingen, Germany.