Lars Schmidt

Keynote Presenter

Lars Schmidt

Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition & Innovation


Lars Schmidt is the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition & Innovation at NPR where he is responsible for providing leadership and advocacy for talent acquisition strategies that align with NPR’s strategic mission and core values. Prior to NPR, Lars was the VP, Human Resources with Ticketmaster where he spent over seven years leading global talent initiatives. He previously held recruiting roles with a technical recruiting firm and several technology startups in Los Angeles.

Lars has over 14 years of recruiting and human resources experience across a broad range of industries including technology, web, media, non-profit, eCommerce and consulting. He’s a fierce HR advocate with a strong track record in leveraging innovative talent strategies to fuel proactive recruiting efforts and building, developing, and leading progressive teams across a variety of HR disciplines. He’s also the founder of Amplify Talent where he writes and speaks about talent and recruiting trends, social media, leadership, recruiting tools and technology; and the co-host of Career Hangout, a weekly show aimed at helping job seekers and professionals manage their careers. You can follow him on the following platforms: Amplify Talent, Twitter at @ThisIsLars, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Recruiting Lessons From the Trenches: How to Develop, Champion and Manage Social Media Recruiting Strategies That Work (Thursday, Oct. 24 8:10 AM ~ 9:00 AM)

Join Lars, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition and Innovation at NPR and Founder of Amplify Talent as he shares how NPR’s social recruiting strategy was built, implemented and evolved. First, with the implementation of @nprjobs and later with #NPRlife, Lars will discuss the success of starting small and scaling a successful social campaign to build an employment brand and recruit the best talent.

The Ultimate Talent Recipe: Culture + Brand + Engagement (Thursday, Oct. 24 2:55 PM ~ 3:45 PM)


You have talent processes in place, but how can you be sure you're getting the most from your talent strategy? A panel of culture and brand experts will share their insight on the ultimate recipe: aligning culture + brand + employee engagement to get the most out of your workforce. They'll share their own experiences on the value this alignment brings when it works, and help you to think about alignment in your own organization in a completely, different way.