Kasey Sixt

VP of Branding and Social Media
CKR Interactive


Kasey has been an innovative leader in all types of recruitment, retention and employee communications for the past twenty years. She has produced a multitude of award winning multimedia campaigns, interactive projects, photo shoots and videos across all industries. Kasey has also worked in the trenches of Hollywood/independent film industry and has worked on or produced a multitude of short and feature film projects. Kasey’s understanding of the constantly changing social surfaces and her hands-on knowledge of video production and content curation has made her a sought – after producer, speaker and employer branding consultant. Her unique blend of skills and her ability to tell a compelling story is in high demand in the world of employer branding these days.

Enhancing Your Employer Brand via Content Sharing – Through Video, Social Media and More (Tuesday, Oct. 16 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM)

We live in a world of instant, on-going communication. However, this produces information overload for your current workforce and talent pipeline. Smart content sharing,through mediums such as video and targeted social media, can help you cut through the information clutter, engage and inspire your audience to action and to connect emotionally, and strengthen your employer brand.

From employee testimonials, “day in the life” scenarios and peer-to-peer communications series, to blogging, photo sharing and more, employers are able to share their employees’ powerful stories and experiences through content marketing as a recruitment and employer branding tool.

This fun and informative session will showcase how organizations around the globe are sharing content to better tell their story, provide a window into their corporate culture, and most importantly, engage and connect with employees and applicants. The session will also highlight tips and tactics for organizations looking to get started with content sharing and will share numerous examples.

At the completion of the presentation, participants will leave with:

  • Insight on how to share content to communicate, engage and connect
  • Tips and tactics on how to put the power of content sharing to work for their organization via their website, social channels and intranet
  • Knowledge of industry content marketing trends

Strategic Employer Branding: Social Media + Transparency = Competitive Advantage (Monday, Oct. 15 2:55 PM – 3:45 PM)

Panel Presenter:

Social media offers a low-cost way for a company to share its employment experience and expound upon the benefits of working for the organization—and reach large numbers of potential candidates in the process. Nevertheless, many companies are not taking advantage of the opportunity; in other words, they’re not leveraging their employer brand.