Julia Stone

Director of Research and Recruiting


Julia Stone owns BizWerks, a niche recruiting firm in the Midwest specializing in executive and technical recruiting. She has been AIRS Certified as a Certified Internet Recruiter twice, and was one of the first to get the designation in the 90s. She won a SourceCon Challenge in 2008 and helped create the challenges in 2009-10. She considers herself a student of sourcing and is always looking for new ways of reinventing her work. Julia Stone is also a hands-on recruiter and sourcer, spending every day in the trenches trying to multi-task her way through both jobs and a few others along the way.

Recorded Webinar:

RecruitingTrends.com Webinar: Sourcing Solo – the “Sourcing Mindset”: The Secret to Productive and Effective Sourcing


Sourcing by Objectives (Tuesday, Oct. 16 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM)

Do you have a Facebook strategy? Do you have twitter metrics? Is your Klout score high enough?

Are these effective tools for managing a sourcing effort?

Join Julia Stone as she takes a closer look at ways to manage a sourcing team through measurable results. Whether your team is in-house or virtual, this session will help you put more science behind your metrics and empower you to know the strengths of your team. Stop wondering why one person is constantly over-achieving while others are barely keeping up and start tracking thoughtfully so you can empower your team to be the best they can be. Take the guesswork out of managing your team with a small paradigm shift and manage by objectives.

This session will help you find the best ways to measure  success while putting together a strategy to maximize effectiveness within your team. By setting in place a few simple processes, you will track the sources that work for your company instead of using what everyone else says works for them. You may even discover that some of your team is better suited to certain situations.

Setting clear team objectives allows your team to know what success looks like. By effectively monitoring their progress, aligning their goals and rewards with your objectives,  and providing trackable feedback, you will see a dramatic increase in productivity and decrease in complaints.

Sourcing in 4-D*
(Wednesday, Oct. 17 2:25 PM – 3:25 PM)

Social media has changed so quickly and so many times, that it can often leave us second guessing our choices. It is almost as if we feel like our current strategies are in black and white, while everyone else has a bigger, better, faster brighter way of doing business. Join us as Julia and Sharon as they dive into the 4-D world of sourcing and helps you determine how to make the most effective use of your day. With a little direction, you can discover candidates, limit the effects of distraction and find a way to distinctly set apart your company and your opportunity through your message.

In this session you will find useful and thoughtful information in the following areas.

  • Direction: Create a plan, and you won't get lost.
  • Discovery: Find candidates in a time efficient manner, before someone else does.
  • Distraction: Don't eliminate but learn how to become a jujitsu master at time management.
  • Distinction: Make your compelling argument about your opportunity in a way that can't be refused.

*No special glasses needed to attend.