Julia Stone,
Director of Research and Recruiting,

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Julia Stone owns BizWerks, a niche recruiting and research firm in the Midwest. Julia has been AIRS Certified as a Certified Internet Recruiter twice, and was one of the first to get the designation in the 90′s. Julia won a SourceCon Challenge in 2008 and helped create the challenges in 2009-10. Julia was a co-track leader at RecruitFest09!: “50 Principles of Recruiting today” and was a co-presenter at the GMA SHRM conference in 2010: “Are you still recruiting like it’s 1999?”

She considers herself a student of sourcing and is always looking for new ways of reinventing her work. Julia is also a hands-on Trainer, Recruiter and Sourcer, spending every day in the trenches trying to multi-task her way through both jobs and a few others along the way.

Most of all, Julia believes that sourcing is an art form based in science. Julia is an evangelist of the sourcing community, and believes that creating synergy between Human Resources, Recruiting and Sourcing is where the magic really happens.

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