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John Vlastelica

Managing Director
Recruiting Toolbox


John Vlastelica draws from 20 years of recruiting and HR experience, including almost 10 years as a corporate recruiting leader and 7 years as a recruitment management consultant and trainer. He was the Senior Director, Global Recruiting for Expedia and a Recruiting Director at Amazon. Now, through the consulting and training firm he founded, Recruiting Toolbox, his team focuses 100% on helping companies build and deploy the right recruiting strategies, processes, systems, tools, and training. John has partnered with heads of recruitment at companies like Google, Groupon, Nike,, T-Mobile, World Bank, Edward Jones, REI, Kindercare, PNC Bank, and Electronic Arts. John has also shared his expertise as a credible and entertaining speaker at SHRM national conferences, OnRec, ERE, NACE and as an instructor for Recruiting Labs.

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Recruiting Toolbox

The Keys to Successful Recruiting Leadership (Monday, Oct. 15 8:10 AM – 9:00 AM)

Choose Your Hard: Lead or Be Led

As recruiters and recruiting leaders, we have 1,000 things competing for our limited time, and can sometimes struggle to lead and be the credible expert that can take our recruiting efforts to the next level. In this session, John Vlastelica – a former recruiting director with Amazon and Expedia, and consultant and trainer to organizations like Nike, Groupon, World Bank, Edward Jones, Google, Salesforce, T-Mobile, Electronic Arts, and PNC Bank – will explore HOW the most effective recruiters and recruiting leaders actually LEAD. It’s not a state of mind; it’s about DOING things differently. In this engaging, irreverent keynote, you’ll learn 8 things that the best recruiting pros do better than the rest, including:

  • The keys to executive influence, critical for your success in recruiting
  • How to accurately diagnose problems with hiring managers, and get to the root issues and solve the real problems
  • How to confront bad behaviors and lead the critical conversations you need to have with stakeholders
  • How to set yourself up for greater leadership opportunities within recruiting


Case Studies and Consultative Sessions: Recruiting Strategy (Tuesday, Oct. 16 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM)