John Sumser

Editor HR Examiner & Principal Analyst


John Sumser has been chronicling and creating the state of the art in Recruiting for nearly 20 years. A philosophy major with slim employment prospects, Sumser joined the Defense establishment in DC is the late 1970s (after several years of taking over student governments at DC Universities). Finding his niche as an engineer, Sumser navigated Hopkins and Loyola grad schools while becoming an R&D executive. In those days, staffing was likely to be done by the hiring manager.

At 36, John packed up his family and headed to Silicon Valley just before the internet moved from Defense R&D labs into the public eye. His post-defense career began with the operation of the first business that allowed personal internet accounts. in 1993, he founded interbiznet, the first firm to evaluate, chronicle and prod the nascent Online Recruiting Industry.

Today, as the Editor of the HRExaminer and as the Principal Analyst at HRxAnalysts, Sumser continues to break new ground. Currently, he is leading a team to evaluate the emerging social media (recruiting and HR) market, building a comprehensive curriculum in social media effectiveness for Recruiters and collaborating on the development of employment related economic indices for several clients. His ongoing analysis of influence in the HR and Recruiting industry continues to provoke thought and conversation.

Data Driven Employment Branding (Tuesday, Oct. 16 3:00 PM – 3:50 PM)

How to find and use data to execute employment branding on a job by job basis.

John Sumser will present a session that explains how to find and use data to execute employment branding on a job by job basis. Most operations recruit without simple understandings of the competition and supply and demand. With case studies and specific examples, Sumser will demonstrate how to determine sourcing method and resource requirements in advance and in a way that grows the brand while squarely meeting the competition.