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The New Front Porch

The era in which we live is one of speed and visual impact. This can be directly correlated with the internet, a relatively new technology when compared to the automobile or the telephone, but most assuredly as life-changing. How we receive information has changed. How we send it has changed, as well. Are you ready for those changes and how they will affect your life, family, and work? Let’s have a good, old-fashioned chat about the new media, social networking and where it’s taking us. Learn and actively participate in a discussion about the latest social revolution and how to take control of your online presence and continue to grow your network.

With Melyssa Bernstein, Gail Houston, Rayanne Thorn & Eric Winegardner.


He’s been recruiting for 25 years. During that time he has placed hundreds of IT and Engineering professionals throughout the country. With a majority of his work in the Midwest, his firm provides both contract and direct staffing solutions.

Since 1998 Jerry has been what can best be described as a “free range staffing artist”. What exactly is that? Well – it is a rare combination of both account management, recruiting, sourcing, wining/dining/wrangling, teaching, playing, learning and loving the various avenues and doors that open to us as 3rd party recruiters in the staffing world. Simply put – he’s an agency owner/recruiter with experience in a wide range of getting things done!

He is also the founder of Verbal Summary. His clients love finding an audio play button on top of the resumes he sends. This tool allows his clients to very easily “listen” to his candidates talk about their background for the job – in their own words – just by clicking the play button.