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Jason Warner

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Jason Warner draws from two decades of recruiting and executive leadership experience at some of the world’s most noteworthy, fast-growing companies.

A Corporate Recruiting and Talent Management Leader at Google and Starbucks
Jason has successfully built, scaled, and led large global recruitment and talent management functions during critical growth periods for some of the world’s most recognized fast-growing companies, including Google and Starbucks.

At Google, Jason led the largest Learning, Training and People Development group at Google – for the Sales and Operations group across Latin America, Asia Pacific, and North America. During the peak of Google’s growth, he also led recruitment for the Global Online Sales and Operations Group, which was one of the largest global recruiting teams at the company.

Prior to Google, he was the Director of North America Recruiting for Starbucks Coffee Company and was responsible for all hires in North America, the largest business unit at Starbucks, during the highest growth years at Starbucks.

An Entrepreneur in the Recruitment Industry
Jason left corporate America to focus on entrepreneurship with a clear mission: to help organizations recruit better. In early 2011, Jason founded RecruitingDash, a recruitment software company that delivers world class SaaS-based reports, metrics, dashboards and analytics from existing Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). As with other trends in Big Data, RecruitingDash turns the wealth of data in the recruiting ‘supply chain’ into valuable information and insights to improve recruitment efficiency and effectiveness for companies of all sizes.

A Frequent Contributor to the Global Recruitment Community
Jason has shared his expertise, leadership, wit and key career lessons with colleagues by keynoting and being the Master of Ceremonies at some of the world’s largest HR and recruiting conferences including ERE Expo, Kennedy Information’s Recruiting Exposition, SHRM’s Staffing Management Association conferences, the OnRec Exposition and The Recruiting Conference. He has also served as a founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership, published by ERE Media. Jason is also the past President of the Northwest Recruiters Association, a not-for-profit professional association of recruiting professionals in the Seattle Area.

Additionally, Jason served on the advisory boards of recruitment industry technology start-up companies: Jobster and SnapTalent.com. He is also an angel investor in both Swap.com and Baconsalt.com.

Frequently cited in the recruiting industry, he has also been chronicled in the New York Times on recruiting-related topics, and featured in the National Best Selling book, Mavericks at Work.    His articles can be found at http://www.ere.net/author/jason-warner/.

He graduated cum laude from the University of Washington School of Business with concentrations in Human Resources / Organizational Behavior and Marketing.

Jason and his family live near Seattle, Washington.

Jason’s Webinars

The New Candidate – Insight
into the New Role of Recruiting

Pre-Conference Workshop #1: Metrics and Analytics Bootcamp (Pre-Conference Workshop #1)

There is a monumental trend unfolding in recruiting (and HR) and it is all about data. Need evidence? Read these recent in depth studies on how data is transforming HR by KPMG, McKinsey,BCG, or the Aberdeen Group. Indeed, Big Data is changing nearly every aspect of how businesses operate and recruitment is no exception. In the past, it may have been sufficient to say, “We have improved the recruiting process” or “We need more resources" But how are you going to lead when the business expects hard data and real business intelligence from Talent Acquisition? The new expectations for data-driven decision making means that recruiting leaders must change the way they measure and run recruiting operations. whether they have a team of 5 recruiters or 500.

This was the most attended pre-conference session in 2012. Space is limited: Join this session to develop the skills and strategies necessary to succeed as a recruiting leader under the new paradigm of recruitment.

This is not your mother’s PowerPoint Presentation: come prepared to dig in, learn and develop real skills and abilities which will help you propel your career into the era of recruitment metric and analytics.

In this practical and engaging session, Jason Warner, former Global Recruiting Leader at Google and Starbucks and Founder of RecruitingDash, a SaaS provider of world-class recruiting metrics, analytics and dashboards, will lead participants in developing real skills in the following areas, utilizing practical, real-world case studies to facilitate learning and development:

  • Using Analytics and Metrics to Influence Executives - Building a business case for and with metrics
  • The top 5 mistakes to avoid when implementing metrics
  • Best practices: What metrics and analytics (really) create shareholder (and stakeholder) value?
  • Lessons from Supply Chain Theory: Leveraging Business Intelligence and Lean Principles to eliminate waste and unleash productivity
  • How to (really) measure Quality of Hire.
  • “I know I need metrics, now how do I get them?” - practical tips and a pragmatic blueprint to get started.

If you are prepared to learn, be challenged, develop real skills and want to dig in and work with other metrics-driven colleagues, this is the session for you.

Town Hall Session (Thursday, Oct. 24 2:00 PM ~ 2:45 PM)

The Recruiter Town Hall offers a facilitated, open-microphone opportunity to air your grievances and concerns and share your solutions to the challenges facing recruiters today. The session will provide answers, inspiration, key learning—and probably a few laughs as we all learn from one another.

This peer-to-peer exchange aims to arrive at “crowd sourced” solutions to the problems you face in your day-to-day recruiting activities. The discussion is open to all, including conference vendors who will respond to recruiters’ wish lists.

The session format allows for sharing frustrations and best practices and analyzing options. Come prepared to share.

If you don’t want to step up to the microphone, you can email your grievances/solutions to in advance.

This is your chance to be heard, while helping to make a difference.