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Jason Roberts

Recruitment Leader
Accenture HR BPO Services


Jason Roberts is a Recruiting Executive at Accenture. Called upon by clients around the globe for his insightful data analysis and Social Media acuity, Jason manages Accenture HR BPO’s Sourcing Center of Excellence and Innovation Lab for cross-client operations while also managing recruiting operations for one of their Fortune 100 clients in the consumer packaged goods industry. During his tenure in this role, Jason has won an Accenture Inventor award and has seen his Consumer Products client’s satisfaction ratings achieve their highest sustained scores since the RPO arrangement began.

Jason’s areas of expertise are in recruitment innovation, operational excellence, and analytics. Prior to his work at Accenture, Jason was responsible for Operations and Optimization for Cisco’s Worldwide Talent Resourcing organization. In this capacity, he managed day to day operations for professional staffing and acted as the Program Manager for the global, Six Sigma based program tasked with the development and implementation of Cisco’s next generation talent acquisition and management model.

Little Big Data – Big Insights on a Shoestring Budget (Tuesday, Oct. 16 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM)

In recruiting we capture data like nobody else.  Our ATS systems time stamp steps, statuses, activities, and a dozen other things.  We certainly have the Big Data to drive big insights.  In fact, it is so much data, that it boggles.  Its enough information to make your head spin!  Unfortunately, the ATS canned reports at our fingertips are rarely exactly what our business leaders want and customized reports are often huge data dumps that we have to filter and sort in order to draw conclusions.  This session will:

  • Outline how to use tools on your computer today to gain the insights that your business leaders are asking you to provide from your ATS data
  • Lay out a methodology that builds your reports one time in a way that makes them easily refreshable
  • Discuss how insights can be gained and delivered vs simple metric reporting – looking at trends, and distributions vs targets and averages
  • Introduce interactive visualization of data – the key to dynamic analysis
  • If time permits -Demonstrate next generation (and free) tools for mobile data analysis -  Its like finger painting with data on your iPad…

Recruiting Trends, 2013 and Beyond: Where to Focus Now (Monday, Oct. 15 9:20 AM – 10:15 AM)

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