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The Quality of Hire Conundrum

Quality of hire has become the holy grail of talent metrics for recruiting. It’s easy to say that we are committed to hiring quality talent, but what does quality really mean. Quality of hire might be the most widely used and least understood metric in recruiting.

For years, we’ve been trying to find a single, perfect answer to measuring and managing quality of hire. Here’s the punch line: It doesn’t exist. Quality means different things to different organizations. Plus, the degree to which a recruiter can influence quality of hire is radically variable. This session won’t provide you with any easy answers. Instead, it will help you understand and articulate why measuring quality of hire is so difficult. Then, we’ll start asking the right questions to help define what quality of hire should look like at your organization.

This session will explore these key questions:

  • What is quality of hire?
  • Do we really care about quality of hire?
  • Who should be accountable for quality of hire?
  • What are the implications of embracing a recruiting strategy around quality of hire?

Jason Lauritsen is an accomplished human resources leader, consultant and professional speaker. His early professional experience led him from a career in sales to the field of executive recruitment. After five years of success in executive search, he made the transition to corporate human resources. He now works as a consultant who specializes in helping organizations make strategic HR happen.

Mr. Lauritsen’s tenure in human resources has spanned roles in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Training, Leadership Development and Strategic Human Resources for companies from 800 to over 40,000 employees. For the past 8 years, he has specialized in turning struggling HR departments into high performing teams.

He is also frequent writer on topics of talent and leadership and has written for ERE, Human Capital Institute, and the Monster Thinking Blog. He regularly blogs at www.jasonlauritsen.com and www.TalentAnarchy.com. His blog was selected by Monster.com as one of the eleven best HR and Recruitment blogs to follow in 2011.