Jason Buss LGR


Jason Buss

VP of Global Talent Management


Jason is a frequent speaker at webinars, recruiting conferences, and events throughout the world on topics ranging from talent management ROI and innovation to social recruiting and talent influence. Check out some of his presentations here. Jason lives in Minneapolis with his three wonderful kids.

He is also the Creator, Editor and Recruiting & Diversity Leader at TalentHQ (talenthq.com).

Recruiting Trends, 2013 and Beyond: Where to Focus Now (Monday, Oct. 15 9:10 AM – 10:00 AM)

Panel Presenter:

What trends do you need to pay attention to, versus sparks that are merely distractions? What are the timelines for these trends? What will be the impact, and what is the urgency? See beyond the short-term hype to uncover genuine trends and leading-edge best practices that impact mobile, video, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other recruiting tools.

Quality of Hire (Monday, Oct. 15 12:10 PM – 1:00 PM)

Panel Presenter:

Why the focus on quality of hire is important now more than ever.

This panel will describe their practices and answer:

• How to hire better quality employees?
• How to be a true strategic partner?
• How to make better talent decisions?

The panel members will first define quality hires and why they focus on it now more than ever. A clear definition of this illusive term will start the discussion on a strong footing. Then, panelists will share concrete examples of practices, including social practices they engage in to improve quality and make better talent decisions.

This session gives you a common language, a framework, examples of tools and techniques on how to enable your department and your organization to make the best talent decisions.