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Pre-Conference Intensives

These fast paced learning opportunites take place on Tuesday, May 13, from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, and include a working luncheon. Choose from one of the valuable concurrent sessions below.
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Intensive A: Winning the Entire War for Talent

with Peter Weddle, CEO & Publisher, WEDDLE's
Preparing for and executing a campaign that will attract, recruit and retain top talent
Winning a war requires detailed up front preparation, targeted tactics development, the skillful execution of those tactics and comprehensive follow-up support. To put it another way, you can learn all of the best practices for sourcing top talent and still lose the recruiting war if you overlook the work that must be done in advance and after the candidate has said “Yes.”
This intensive will cover strategies and tactics for all of the major phases of talent acquisition: workforce planning, candidate sourcing and recruiting, and employee retention. It will be delivered by WEDDLE’s publisher, Peter Weddle, one of our most highly rated trainers. The session will draw on WEDDLE’s 10+ years of research into practical yet innovative approaches to finding, accessing and holding onto the best and brightest in the workforce.

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Intensive B: Lou Adler's Recruiter Boot Camp

with Lou Adler, President, The Adler Group
Today's changing economy will affect how you find and recruit the best active and passive candidates in the months and years ahead. Many of the techniques you’ve used in past will be less effective in the future.
Lou Adler’s Recruiter Boot Camp will take you to the leading-edge of recruiter best practices. Lou will personally help you meet the challenges of tomorrow head-on by providing you with the latest tools, techniques and ideas on what it takes to hire top people. Designed for both corporate and third-party recruiters, Recruiter Boot Camp will teach you the skills and techniques to source, assess and recruit top active and passive candidates.
In this hands-on session you’ll walk-away with skills you can use on your next search assignment including such “how-to’s” as how to prevent "moving job spec syndrome" or, how to stop doing searches over again. You’ll discover why applicant control is so important and you’ll learn how to negotiate offers without giving away the farm. You’ll see how and why to become a partner with your hiring manager clients and you’ll learn how to convert cold passive candidates into hot leads.
In sum, you’ll learn how to find and hire more top people faster, and how to maximize candidate quality while reducing cost and time to hire.

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Intensive I: The Answer® Passive Candidate Recruitment Training

with Steve Lowisz, President & CEO, Qualigence
This session could accurately be called a step-by-step guide to successfully attracting and hiring passive candidates. Passive candidates are talent that is high in demand. However, we discovered that many corporate recruiters and/or hiring managers lack the skills necessary to successfully recruit this elusive group. What is the secret to getting these passive candidates into your open positions? The answer is…The Answer® Passive Candidate Recruitment Training -- a “how to” workshop that will teach you today the tools you that you can begin using tomorrow.
This unique, interactive training program will educate you on the communication strategies necessary for each step in the recruiting process. In addition to learning to use all the tools guaranteed for passive candidate recruiting success, attendees will leave with a hard copy training manual.

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