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A "Kennedy Conference" tradition, our add-on 5–hour intensives take place on Tuesday, May 19 from Noon to 5:00 PM. These low–cost seminars feature high–caliber presenters who'll educate you on the latest ideas to improve your recruitment success. Please choose from these concurrent sessions, at $695.
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Intensive E: Workforce Planning

with Susan Burns, Founder and CEO, Talent Synchronicity and Kevin Wheeler, CEO and Founder, Global Learning Resources, Inc.

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Intensive F: Tools, Tools, Tools...You Got Them, But Do You Know How to Use Them?

with Steve Lowisz, CEO, Qualigence

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Intensive G: Next-Generation Workforce Design: Moving from Mere Platitudes to Meaningful Quantification Problem Definition

with John Sumser, CEO & Founder, The Recruiting Roadshow™
Hiring is often reactive; it’s often transactional. And while recruiters might argue otherwise — it’s often shortsighted. However, it should be noted, a lack of synergy between strategy and search often has negative ramifications upon an organization, including: layoffs and loss of financial and strategic control.

Search and HR professionals looking to exercise more control over the short and long-term implications hiring has on an organization will find Population Distribution Diagrams (PDDs) an indispensable tool. Join this session and you’ll see that the benefits of using PDDs are clear. Applicable to different sized groups, and the different functions within groups, it provides the deep strategic insight necessary for consistent/predictable hiring success. Recruiting and HR personnel can use PDDs to highlight workforce strengths and weaknesses, model history to see how you got where you are today, inventory supply chain — by candidate name and by source, and quantitatively describe the workforce development strategy.

Tools focus

Intensive H: Performance-based Hiring – A Business Process for Hiring Top Talent

with Lou Adler, President, The Adler Group
Performance-based hiring offers companies an end-to-end hiring process for sourcing, assessing and recruiting top talent that can be used from entry-level to executive positions. Finding and hiring “the best” is different than finding and hiring people who are simply average.

Performance-based hiring provides companies a means to separate the two. It consists of a compelling job, a targeted consumer-marketing approach to sourcing, a two-question performance-based interview, a formal evidence-based debriefing and assessment process, and a consultative career-management approach to recruiting. Collectively, performance-based hiring is a scalable business process designed around the unique needs of top performers. Join this session explore the latter in depth and to learn how to convert traditional behavioral interviewing into performance-based interviewing and increase assessment accuracy and management adoption rates.

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