Ginger Powell, Director of Account Services & Diversity Initiatives, CKR Interactive


Winning at Recruiting with a Diversity Strategy

As the economy worsened and the job market became flooded with the unemployed, many employers chose to put their diversity recruiting strategies on hold. But recent research shows that this strategy could be detrimental to your company and employees, in both recruiting and retaining top talent. Furthermore, competition for the next generation of top talent is fierce, and employers need to ensure that their workplaces are attractive to Millennials to effectively recruit this cohort.

A staff rich in various backgrounds and ethnicities gives your company unparalleled insight into products or services that can penetrate growing markets. In addition, fostering an environment in the workplace that embraces diversity and inclusion will lead to a greater recruitment and retention rate as employees take pride in working at a company that understands their unique needs. This is especially important when recruiting the Millennial workforce.

What is the solution?

Through research-based methodology, participants will learn how to develop a diversity recruitment strategy aimed at Millennials following a three-step process:

  1. Getting to Know Your Audience – How do Millennials define diversity? What do they expect from employers and how can you cultivate the inclusive workplace environment they seek?
  2. Assessing Your Market – Use online tools to determine how diverse your local market is, both in terms of younger and experienced job seekers, and if out-of-market recruiting efforts are necessary to achieve your diversity goals.
  3. Launching Specific Programs and Initiatives – See how affinity groups and diversity hubs can have an immediate impact on your recruiting and retention efforts and learn the best practices for these, and other, solutions.

The specific learning objects:

Understand the unique perspectives Millennials have regarding diversity, the role diversity plays in their career objectives, and their employer expectations when it comes to fostering an inclusive workplace.

  • Use online tools and information sources to understand the local and national workforces as a basis for creating a successful diversity outreach program that will result in improved recruitment outcomes.
  • Apply best practices regarding affinity groups and interactive diversity hubs for both recruiting and retention.

With a decade of recruitment marketing experience, Ginger Powell delivers strategic planning expertise to the HR community with a focus on diversity and next generation recruitment solutions. She is actively involved in local and national associations, including the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Ginger leverages her extensive knowledge regarding strategies for building diversity hubs and hosting hiring events that help employers connect with a broad range of candidates to lead diversity initiatives for CKR Interactive and the agency’s clients. She also leads workshops and training sessions for organizations seeking to become more inclusive workplaces and those that benefit from attracting a diverse workforce. Ginger attained her B.A. in Physical Education from California State University, Long Beach.

Connect with Ginger:

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