Gail Houston, Social Media Program Manager, Intuit

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“Managing the Social Media Madness” – How Our Social Recruiting Strategy is Evolving.

Social Media is changing how we all work and play. The lines are starting to blur on social sites like Facebook and Twitter and companies need to be poised to take advantage of the change. According to the 2011 NetProspex Social Business Report, Recruiting is the #1 most Social job and Intuit is now #2 in the Top 25 Social Companies.

In this session, Intuit will share their journey through social media recruiting on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. You will learn what worked and what didn’t and how they are measuring ROI in this constantly evolving world and where they are going next!

Gail Houston and Leslie Mason bring over 40 years of combined recruiting expertise to you and your organization as they share how they encourage their recruiting team members to get on board the social media bandwagon – to attract new talent to Intuit!

With Leslie Mason

The New Front Porch

The era in which we live is one of speed and visual impact. This can be directly correlated with the internet, a relatively new technology when compared to the automobile or the telephone, but most assuredly as life-changing. How we receive information has changed. How we send it has changed, as well. Are you ready for those changes and how they will affect your life, family, and work? Let’s have a good, old-fashioned chat about the new media, social networking and where it’s taking us. Learn and actively participate in a discussion about the latest social revolution and how to take control of your online presence and continue to grow your network.

With Rayanne Thorn, Melyssa Bernstein, Jerry Albright & Eric Winegardner.


Gail Houston is the Social Media Program Manager for Intuit’s Recruiting organization and is the voice of Intuit Careers on sites like Twitter and Facebook. She has more than 20 years experience in the recruiting industry, both corporate and agency, and has spoken at both Sourcecon and TalentNet. Gail is the co-lead of the Crossroads Career Transition Workshop and speaks on various applicant networking groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth(DFW) area. She has received numerous awards during her career including Circle of Stars 2008, Trim the Sails 2007, DFWTRN/Monster Recruiter of the Year 2003, EDS Senior Recruiter Award and the Figment Award for Creativity in Sourcing.