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Optimizing Recruiting and Sourcing Effectiveness

Effective Sourcing augments recruiting through ingenuity by leveraging information and expertise. In this session Don Ramer and Shally Steckerl will present highlights from a process used to identify opportunities that achieve this leverage through expert benchmarking against best practices. To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage from hiring the right people at the right time through superior Recruitment and Sourcing, leaders must identify the gap between current practices and existing benchmarks. An example of the tools utilized in this optimization is a Recruitment PESTLE Analysis (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental) used to discover the gaps and arrive at a prioritized short list of opportunities for significant improvement. The outcome is to obtain alignment between senior leadership and the recruitment organization by aligning operational effectiveness, tactical capabilities and strategic directions together.

With Shally Steckerl


Don Ramer is CEO and founder of Arbita, Inc., the RPO with an exit strategy. He is a highly respected thought leader and 30-year veteran of nearly every battlefield in the Talent Wars who has become a regular contributor to ERE Media, Inc., Online Recruitment Magazine (, Kennedy Information, the Pinnacle Society and the Recruiting Roadshow, as well as a recognized keynote speaker at recruiting conferences and trade shows.

Ramer’s expertise and counsel have been leveraged by global organizations and individuals in support of executive search, staffing management, career counseling, employment management consulting, international and strategic business development, media planning, change management and thought leadership. Before founding Arbita in 2006, Ramer was founder and CEO of Recruit USA, Inc.; staffing director for Oracle’s Education Division; an innovator and solutions development leader at HelpWantedUSA; staffing director at Ericsson Network Systems and CEO and partner of the Employment Management Group.