Daniel E. Hanyzewski

West Shore Partners


Dan Hanyzewski is Managing Partner of West Shore Partners LLC / Redmitten.com, a niche consulting firm focused on delivering high-end solutions to a range of Human Resources, Procurement, Operational, and Finance clients. He is currently engaged by Sunrise Systems as a principal to aggressively grow that firm and Kelly Services (NASDAQ: KELYA, KELYB) to assist Kelly’s Outsourcing and Consulting Group build out additional capabilities in employment branding, recruitment strategy, and contingent workforce management.

His clients have included Motorola, Northrop, Kraft, Arthur Anderson, Rockwell International, Beatrice, Farley Industries, and Household International.

Prior to Red Mitten, Dan was Director, Talent Acquisition for Nike, and was responsible for Nike’s Global talent acquisition organization, branding and program architecture of their Global Contingent Labor Program, Assist!. This program has been benchmarked as a “Best Practice” Program for Contingent Workforce Management and Services Procurement.

In his Nike role, Dan leveraged macro trends in the consumer market space to build brand relevance in the candidate experience across the employment lifecycle. This was supported by specialized staff, digital communications e.g. social networks, interactive websites, blogs, RSS feeds, etc. It was also supported by multimedia investments that exploited the Brand Heritage Story and gave candidates an emotional connection to the brand.

Before joining Nike, he had been the Director of Worldwide Staffing for Lucent’s International Network Services business, and Director of North American Recruitment for iGate (formerly known as Mastech).

He has been integral in the staffing organizational development of several firms including but not limited to, Data General, SHL, Ameritech Information Systems, Motorola and, in its’ inception, as a major contributor to Cisco Systems.

Dan has worked extensively with the Executive Branch of these and other organizations and has been regarded as an important resource and thought leader. Dan has demonstrated a consistency and an acute awareness of what is required to add value to the services he is chartered with providing.

An internationally sought-after speaker on recruitment, employer branding and contingent workforce management, he has been a key note speaker at numerous Talent Acquisition, HR and Professional Association Conferences throughout the world.

Dan has served on the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Board and supported the Human Capital Institute Educational Board. He has spoken extensively for SHRM regional chapters, and has been published in numerous industry magazines and on-line publications such as CWS 30, Retail, Contingent Workforce Strategies, etc.

The Art & Science Battle (Tuesday, Oct. 16 3:00 PM – 3:50 PM)

Investigate Art and Science in the profession of Recruiting.

Is Science becoming a detrimental catalyst to poor Recruiting Practices? Is the Art form dead? Can the profession of recruiting sustain its critically important place in the corporate lexicon? Will the human element become superfluous? What do making wine or baking bread teach us about what the answers might be to these and other questions.

Ultimately we will challenge the status quo that suggests technology is the answer and a practitioner’s executions of practices are not as significant as they once were. We will test the idea that unbundling the recruiting methodology to be less than full life cycle has a price and may not be applicable to every recruitment scenario or organization.

Lastly we will look at who will eventually win this war, Art or Science. We will also promote the question as to should there ever be a winner and why or why not.

Strategic Employer Branding: Social Media + Transparency = Competitive Advantage (Monday, Oct. 15 2:55 PM – 3:45 PM)

Panel Presenter:

Social media offers a low-cost way for a company to share its employment experience and expound upon the benefits of working for the organization—and reach large numbers of potential candidates in the process. Nevertheless, many companies are not taking advantage of the opportunity; in other words, they’re not leveraging their employer brand.