Carmen Hudson

Engagement Manager, Sourcing and Social Media
Recruiting Toolbox


Carmen Hudson draws from over 15 years of recruiting experience, with a strong focus on helping organizations attract, source and recruit top talent. Carmen’s expertise is in helping clients build the right sourcing and recruiting strategies, and then implementing them in the real world of limited budgets, competing priorities, and highly competitive recruiting environments. She consults and trains companies to help them leverage high ROI solutions for big sourcing, social media, and technology implementation initiatives.

Carmen is a self-described “recruiting geek” who has spent years learning, creating, and sharing best practices around sourcing. She gets that technology – for all of its hype – is still a means to an end, not an end in itself. Her corporate experience includes Yahoo!, where she was Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition. At Yahoo! she led the strategic sourcing team, revitalizing the employee referral program and Yahoo’s employer brand. The team was awarded a coveted Yahoo! Superstar Award, an ERE Excellence award and various recruiting and advertising industry awards. Prior to joining Yahoo!, she was manager, Global Strategic Sourcing for Starbucks Coffee Corporation, where she developed sourcing strategies and recommended resources and tactics to support U.S. retail management hiring. She has also held senior talent acquisition roles at Microsoft, and Capital One and founded a social recruiting technology company.

Carmen is a regular contributor to recruiting industry publications, including ERE Exchange and Recruiting Trends. She is a frequent speaker at recruiting events, including the Social Recruiting Summit, Kennedy Online Recruiting Conference and the Seattle Staffing Management Association. Carmen earned a degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

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Carmen’s Webinars

Candidate Experience (Monday, Oct. 15 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM)

Enough Talk about the Candidate Experience — Do Something About It!

In 2011, the recruiting leaders at CH2MHILL realized that their recruiting process, from the candidate's perspective, could use some improvement. But what was wrong? Ryan Cook, Global Talent Acquisition Operations Manager, decided to take a deep dive into what was working, and what was broken. The results of his comprehensive audit of the candidate experience via surveys, "secret" shopping, and a review of internal processes and external communications yield some surprising results and a detailed roadmap of what to repair the holes in the candidate experience.

In this lively session, Carmen Hudson, Consultant with Recruiting Toolbox will interview Ryan to find out how CH2MHILL reacted to the results of the candidate experience audit, and to find out how they are doing on their change initiatives.

Strategic Employer Branding: Social Media + Transparency = Competitive Advantage (Monday, Oct. 15 2:55 PM – 3:45 PM)

Panel Presenter:

Social media offers a low-cost way for a company to share its employment experience and expound upon the benefits of working for the organization—and reach large numbers of potential candidates in the process. Nevertheless, many companies are not taking advantage of the opportunity; in other words, they’re not leveraging their employer brand.

Holy Social Media, Batman!
(Wednesday, Oct. 17 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM)

Social media is a windfall for recruiters serious about sourcing passive candidates. Yet, many recruiters fail to take advantage of the wealth of information provided by Twitter, Meetup, Slideshare, Pinterest, Foursquare, blogs and other networks where potential candidates hang out.

Forget lame Inmails! Don’t wait for the #jobfairy to retweet your job postings. In this session we will proactively find passive talent using advanced search tactics and identify effective back channel communication strategies. After an hour with @Peopleshark, you will walk away with:

· Creative ideas for sourcing hard-to-find talent
· Advanced search tactics for social media
· Resources for pinpointing contact information
· A newfound appreciation for tweeting, friending, checking-in and all things social!