Featured Presenter

Brad Cook

Global VP of Talent Acquisition


Brad Cook is the Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Informatica; the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software. Brad is passionate about the possibilities of the changing communication landscape and what it offers talent attraction within today’s world of collaboration, knowledge-sharing and learning.

He is a subject matter expert in the development and implementation of global talent acquisition strategies (Americas, EMEA, Asia Pac & Japan), change management, services sales & sales management, as well as global business operations. Previously, Brad served as Director, Global Staffing at Cisco Systems and advanced from a prior specialization in Global Business Operations and World-Wide Change Management. His vision and strategy, stems from his customer centric views as a sales manager for many years in his early Cisco career. He has produced a unique, award-winning, strategic architecture that combines competitive intelligence mapping with knowledge management systems. Under his leadership, Informatica was recognized at the 2011 ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards for “Best Strategic Use of Technologies.” His data-centric philosophy has been a driving force in the attraction of industry leaders to cross-breed the advantages of advanced sourcing techniques, social 3.0 attraction and engagement, and centrally navigated with SEO as the back-end engine of Informatica’s world class lead generation capabilities. As a result, Informatica is at the forefront of developing native, talent knowledge libraries, to crowd-source and retain methods to direct passive pipeline fulfillment.

From Green Field (zero) to 60 in Under A Year; Data-Driven, Talent Mapped, & Dressed in Social 3.0 Flair (Monday, Oct. 15 4:05 PM – 4:55 PM)

How a view of the inner workings of SEO, Social media and employment brand play a key role in finding and attracting talent

Ever ask yourself, “Where are we going and, will I like what I find?” What are the critical elements to when identifying the right technologies to create solutions with least resistance? We discuss the transformative journey of converting a recruiting greenfield landscape within your organization to a fully operational, cohesively integrated strategy for success. We’ll share the familiar territories you’d rather have in your rear view mirror, navigating successfully forward with strategies that are adoptable and global.

In this instructive session, we shall share our perspectives on each of the following aspects:

• The critical role of planning a future where data-centric outputs can be employed to enhance talent knowledge IP retention, and customized for a global talent organization
• What are systematic, best practice approaches to initiating and fulfilling key project objectives which entail several stakeholders to operations?
• “Peeling back the onion”: We’ll discuss successful strategies that can be employed to approach different technology needs in new, innovative and yet, unintended ways.
• Where technology makes inroads, re-branding recalculates the destination – how do talent entrepreneurs calibrate the success of leads generated, versus candidate conversion?
• “Do I really need to process map”: Understanding how process mapping will enable the end goal of a truly efficient and effective global organization
• How a view of the inner workings of SEO, Social media and employment brand play a key role in finding and attracting talent