Angelika Preston is a brand consultant specializing in the service industry with current and recent clients including Air Canada, Lan Chile, Tarsus Group, Paris Realty, Lumberland Environmental Council and Avianca. Prior to launching Angelika Preston LLC, she held executive positions at three of the top global brand consultant firms where she personally led banking, retail and airline brand programs in Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, South Africa and Australasia. Her in-depth knowledge of brand positioning, customer experience, product and social media trends in the service industry is a cumulative result of more than twenty-five years of global experience in aviation, banking and retail branding.

“Brands large or small need attention because their meaning embodies the proposition of the organization. Brand relationships are interactive and as fleeting as the attention span of their audience. In the service industry, engaging customers and clients in a conversation is a brand imperative that must be immediate, omnipresent and relevant. The brand experience, what the company delivers, is grist for the mill. If it is not talked about it is history.” ….Angelika Preston

As a founding member and Vice President at Diefenbach Elkins, Director at FutureBrand and Principal at Landor Associates, Angelika brought an innovative approach to transform her clients’ brand message and experience. They included South African Airways during the transition from apartheid to the new presidency of Nelson Mandela, the modernization of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, the launch of Ansett Australia as an entrant to the international arena and Air Canada as it emerged from bankruptcy in 04 and built a modern fleet led by the B777 and B787. Central to these achievements was the customer’s experience.

Experience in the service industry included Banco Santander, Bank Union, Bank of Montreal and retail clients Peoples Drug, Ports International and Olympia and York.

Angelika has been a speaker at IATA industry seminars and recently at the Airline Cost Management and Aircraft Interiors conference in Nice, France. She has written articles and papers on topics including product differentiation, aviation trends in China and Asia Pacific and participated in media panel discussions on the impact of 9/11 on aviation brands.

Angelika has lived in San Francisco, Hong Kong and most recently in New York City. Born in Germany, educated in Toronto, Angelika now works from her base in upstate New York. She is active in her community as a member of the Environmental Council integrating solar and wind energy for rural residential and commercial applications. Her interests include painting, photography, jewelry design, landscaping and organic gardening. She is a self-published author of a non-fiction book on breast cancer and is an advocate for complimentary medicines.