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A "Kennedy Conference" tradition, our add-on 3–hour workshops take place on Monday, November 17 from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM. These low–cost seminars feature high–caliber presenters who'll educate you on the latest ideas to improve your recruitment success. Please choose from 1 of 4 concurrent sessions, at $495.
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Workshop D: Build or Buy: The Business Case to Recruitment Outsourcing

Outsourcing recruitment is not new; in fact it’s been around for almost 20 years in different forms, under different names. But the move to RPO firms has really ignited during the past few years. Would outsourcing some or all of the recruitment function be right for your company? As service offerings mature and stabilize do they meet your tentative needs? How will you measure the many dimensions of success or failure of the service levels? What is an appropriate exit strategy if necessary?
During this workshop you’ll answer these tough questions in the context of your organization’s needs. You’ll identify the key criteria you need to make sound business decisions in regard to RPO. The workbook provided in this workshop will be your roadmap where you apply your company’s existing processes and review what make sense for your recruiting group at any given moment. If you’re thinking about recruitment outsourcing, in the middle of negotiation or perhaps have already entered into an agreement, you’ll take away hands-on, practical advice that can affect the success or failure of your RPO model.
Presenter: Geoffrey Dubiski, Principal & Managing Director, Sumner Grace & Associates

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Workshop E: Demonstrate Your Recruiting ROI with Recruiting Metrics: Measurement Tools for Today’s Recruiting Initiatives

Recruiting Metrics help recruiters make more informed decisions when it comes to candidate quality and experience. Used properly, Recruiting Metrics can advance a relationship between the recruiter and hiring manager, and can provide increased credibility and consistent results. This workshop will point out the problems associated with traditional metrics like cost per hire and turnover as it focuses on the recruiter of today and the metrics designed to address today’s recruiting challenges.
In this workshop you will learn how to apply these metrics to increase efficiency, productivity, accountability, and hiring success. You will explore how to align the right metrics with the corresponding recruiting goals and initiatives, how to utilize metrics to motivate your recruiters to accomplish clearly defined goals and more.
Presenter: Steve Lowisz, President & CEO, Qualigence

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Workshop F: Greater Recruiting Value from Virtual Networking and Sourcing

From their inception over a decade ago, AIRS has led the way with cutting-edge practices that get maximum recruiting value out of “free” technologies. This half-day workshop continues that tradition as you learn the latest, most effective techniques to efficiently attract and uncover candidates using virtual networking sites. Virtual networking has received a lot of positive attention for use as a recruiting tool, and this session gives recruiters the "how to" ideas that breed success in the new world of virtual sourcing.
In this workshop you’ll learn: how to create your own presence in the virtual world to attract active and passive candidates; which are the latest and greatest professional networking; and how to leverage them for greater recruiting value. Don’t waste your time (or your reputation) learning through trial and error: this renowned recruiting trainer will show you how to put cutting-edge social networking sites, such as FaceBook and Second Life, to work for you!
Presenter: Laura Stoker, Senior Director of Training, AIRS

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Workshop G: Powerful Job Postings and Effective Job Board Usage – Get The Talent You Want in 2009!

An effective job posting is paramount to the success of companies large and small. With a competitive job market and rising recruiting costs, companies need to continually improve the use of their job advertising resources to attract the right candidates, cost effectively. But why doesn’t the vast majority of the best talent even apply? In most cases its right in front of you: a deficient job posting!
In this high-energy session you’ll learn how even small changes to your job advertising will make a big impact to your employment marketing efforts – whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or contractor staff. Regardless of your industry, you’ll benefit from tried and true techniques to increase the qualified response to your employment ads.
Join us to learn the important distinctions to make between a job posting and a job description and understand why they’re not mutually exclusive when it comes to online recruiting. In addition, you’ll dive into the world of job boards and look at some common errors that impact the quality and quantity of applicants.
Working on a particularly tough placement? Bring a job description or job posting that you’re working on and let this expert rework it to perfection!
Presenter: Sarah White, Recruiting Solutions Director, MRA - The Management Association

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