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Designed for recruiters, recruitment managers, and human resource professionals, TrendSetters provides:

  • Access to some of the best and most powerful new ideas in online recruitment
  • The opportunity for direct dialogue with recruitment product and service developers
  • A chance to vote for the product or service that is most likely to transform your work*
  • Pre-conference networking reception with a great deal of new material to talk about

*At the conclusion of TrendSetters, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for a Grand Prize Winner and Silver Prize Recipient – the two products or services you believe are most likely to advance online recruitment. Winners will be announced at the reception.


Wednesday, October 23

Session Time Presentations Presenter
1:45 PM – 2:00 PM Opening Remarks. Peter Weddle &
Anna Brekka
2:00 PM – 2:25 PM GlassDoor Presentation Doug Hall
2:30 PM – 2:55 PM Clicks vs. Cliques; The Recruitment Value in On-Line Communications Joe Stubblebine
3:00 PM – 3:25 PM “References Can Matter and
I can Tell You Why
Rob Bennett
3:25 PM – 4:00 PM Networking Break
4:00 PM – 4:25 PM TBA TBA
4:30 PM – 4:55 PM TBA TBA
5:00 PM – 5:25 PM TBA TBA
5:25 PM – 7:00 PM Cocktail Reception & Winner Announcement

*Agenda Subject to Change

Last year’s winners:

1st: StartWire

Why We Need to Treat Job Seekers Like Customers with Chris Forman, CEO, StartWire

If the biggest touch point most companies have with the ‘outside’ world is recruiting, why do job seekers get treated so shabbily? Join Chris Forman – CEO of StartWire – for a lively presentation of this long-time paradox and why the social and consumer web is going to force a sea change in corporate behavior in the next 24 months.

2nd: Qualigence

Leverage the Real Power of Social Media to Identify and Engage Candidates, Creating a Real Competitive Edge with Steve Lowisz, CEO, Qualigence

It’s almost impossible to find a recruiter today that is not using LinkedIn or other forms of social media to identify potential candidates. Why do we have so much immediate success in using these tools, only to see their effectiveness fall over time? In this lively session, Qualigence International CEO Steve Lowisz will share how some of the world’s most effective recruitment organizations utilize social media paired with recruitment research techniques to uncover the real power social media can provide.

TrendSetters™ is a joint presentation of the Recruiting Trends Conference and IAEWS


Teachers’ Tips On How To Create A Great Thesis

Are you emphasizing preparing your thesis? If you are about to graduate and have not yet completed this important document, you’d better have fun. Fortunately, the process is easier than you think, especially once you start. Also, you do not have to do this alone. This article will guide you through the process and make writing your thesis easier than you ever dreamed it could be.

What is a thesis?
Essentially, a thesis is a vital document that you should finish to acquire your Master’s Degree. Now and again, you may even hear what is known as a paper. Fundamentally, this document will compress your examinations and research in regards to a particular subject. It must be very much explored and should consent to the particular rules controlled by your university.

Choose your theme with care
Before you can start writing your thesis, you must first choose a topic. It is very important to choose this topic carefully. It must be in its specific course of study and it must be deep enough to make a serious investigation, although not so specific that it restricts it. Your thesis work should be something that you understand so that you can write a specific and well-supported document on the subject. Your thesis should be informative and interesting for the evaluation committee. If you choose carefully from the beginning, you can write a better document at the end. When you choose your subject, think about your work. How can you transform the subject into an informative document?

Focus on the subject by hand
The fastest way to ruin your thesis work is to distract yourself by writing it. Make sure it is well written and centered. Provide specific facts and examples and do not assume that your reader will understand what you are trying to say. Make sure they do spelling it Consult the thesis writing guide that you received from your school and be sure to follow it exactly.

Use multiple sources
While you can find a great source, make sure you do not rely solely on this information. Choose a variety of sources when composing your paper. In his thesis, he is demonstrating his ability to extract information from a variety of areas to draw a new conclusion, not his ability to regurgitate information from a single source.

While writing your thesis, take your time Be sure to look for high-quality information and research thoroughly. Having a solid understanding of the subject will help you write a better article at the end. Do not make the mistake of trying to write your complete thesis in just 3 or 4 days. Your graduation depends on it, so take your time and make use of a high quality vs original google photos. If you want to be practical you may opt to mobile phone photography if you don’t have a DSLR to take photos as part of the content of your thesis. You can learn how to use note 8 camera and the tricks on how you can take great photos.

To conclude your work, a good conclusion is like a yum desert, leaving space and time for readers to enjoy the aftertaste. Take this opportunity to make a quick review of your topic sentence and reintroduce all the areas of support that appear before in the body, but keep in mind that it does not bring anything new.

In general, writing a thesis can be a pleasant experience if you know what to do at each step. Of course, like other writing projects, it is necessary to read it aloud after finishing the work to avoid possible spelling or grammar mistakes.


Biggest Conference Happened in the World

Habitat III is the world’s biggest conference that saw over 300000 people in attendance. It attracted various stakeholders to check on the strategy as a guide to urban development for the next 20 years. In its theme Nw Urban Agenda, it was one of the most organized conferences. Entrepreneurs admit that they got value for the money. The host city and country Quito, Ecuador registered a considerable amount of income in the form of tax due to t influx of visitors or this conference.

The high-ranking professionals were in attendance at this conference. That means their input concerning human resources was something that was commendable. When you have high-profile professional attending a seminar, it is an indication f success since they do not just attend a seminar. They must get value for their time.

What made it more successful is the fact that it was free from all kind of conference. As long as you had an interest in corporate affairs, you had a chance to air your view. In fact, investors took advantage of the high influx of people to display their merchandise and create leads which finally turned out to be sales.

The networking sessions on the conference were something that we cannot afford to mention as an indicator of achievement for this conference. We have testimonies of partnerships whose origin came from the social interactions during the meeting.

The disadvantaged in the society were not left out either in the equation. A non Governmental organization which directly deal with them were present to air their voice. An example is the Shack Dwellers International who has a chance to include this group in the millennium development goals.

What are the indicators of achievement for a successful conference?

At times, you may have a huge attendance but what matters is that, are the deliberations from the conference taken a higher step primarily on both the host country and participating countries in equal measure?

In this conference, there was a need for low-cost housing especially among the urban poor. Various entrepreneurs came up with cheap building materials which were ideal to meet this goal.

In third world countries and emerging economies, we saw branches of such companies penetrating the market. This is a clear indication that they surveyed the market and found it viable to start their operations in such countries.

We live in the digital market, anything that is trending is a clear indication of a positive or a negative impact. After this conference, scholars researching urban development has to mention some of the strategies that came up in the conference. That is a clear indication of the value of this conference when it comes to urban development.

Why was Habitat III successful?

The organizers own the success of the entire conference. Similarly, the marketing and advertisement of this event, as well as the timing, was ideal since people had all the time to prepare and attend the conference. Urbanization is a global challenge hence government agencies had no option but also to be included in the conference hence the total support. Lastly, the location of the event also had an impact on its success.


Conferences for Pool Table Business Owners

It is at the conferences and seminars where stakeholder meets to chat way forward. Table business owners also have a similar chance. There are many issues that they can discuss and in most cases, they come with a theme for that particular conference. This is a function that attracts quite a large crowd such pool owners, pub entrepreneurs, marketers, financial institutions among others. This conference requires good planning to ensure things move quite peacefully. A coordinator must come in handy and have a meeting with the organizer on what they expect out of the conference. Here are a few tips to ensure you have it attended to capacity. You can only achieve this when you have proper marketing.

Marketing automation software

If this is your first conference you must go a notch higher to get mail addresses which is ideal for sending the marketing campaigns for the conference. There are many available in the market as both free trial and subscription option. The decision for this depends on what you want to achieve out of this, some include MailChimp, InfusionSoft among others.

Social media

 The advanced technology has made marketing even easier, you can create a page and use the paid version to boost its presence on the social media sites. Research shows that when people get to know of a product more often they will always want to associate themselves with it Social networking sites have all kinds of people and you will have a chance to get people who may inquire and finally make it to the conference. You have to use this with care because it is used globally, the challenge of traveling may be a hindrance.

Content marketing

Search engines have a way of ranking sites for random users who want information and uses the keyword for this. You can now use writes to write blog posts and social media posts with Search engine optimization in mind to enable it to be ranked among the first websites ( propooltables.com ). 


Use online referral programs with enticing goodies when people click on the site just to allow you to achieve two things: first,o you rank higher and also to increase the word of the conference.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth works well especially in the region where the conference will be hosted. With this, you might be sure of attendants since there are no traveling expenses. This needs creativity, you target the pub owns, pool table manufacturers among other stakeholders.

Print media

 We cannot ignore the old way of using the audiovisual and print media. This is even good since you have an option of the physical copy and also the online version. The main advantage of this is, you may now target the locals who need to come and experience a conference within their reach.

It is rare conferences that manufacturers and online and offline stores like propooltables.com have a chance to make contact which boosts their sales. The guest speakers and organizations have an effect on the success of subsequent conferences, seminars, and meetings.


The work life of a university student varsity after school

As you turn 18, even before that it is expected of you to go and figure out your life on your own by working either at your school or high school’s cafe or at a local diner or some local takeaway. It is that moment of your life when you realize how life isn’t as easy as you thought it was.

Carrying your burden and sometimes in some cases, your entire family’s burden along with studying at a university on or off a scholarship is not what you thought life would be like when you were a 10-year-old and desperately wanted to grow up. You VS. Your Peers The work life of a university student is awful and hectic. You do not have time to enjoy or socialize like some of your friends with rich backgrounds.

They go clubbing and partying while you go working so you can put the food on the table and pay the rent. It sucks, even more, when you’re in the varsity. You have a ping pong match lined up with another school and will be using best ping pong table for schools (www.pingpongperfect.com/best-table-tennis-table) and you’re their only hope but you also have work lined up too. Even if you manage it and bear the insults your boss hurls at you for showing up late for work you still feel irritated and peeved at the end of the day because you’re losing yourself in work and studies.Playing alone with a robot as an opponent is tiresome.

You have no recreational activities save for varsity but it too feels like a burden. You need to balance that life. How to maintain a balanced life? Being in the varsity is challenging but being in varsity and working part-time is even a bigger challenge. Even though the varsity gets to roam a lot to play matches, even so, it should be a little less depressing.

The basic and foremost problem is time management. Many students get disturbed and as a result either hook to drugs or quit their life. Most of the times it happens because students expect the university to be a piece of cake when it isn’t caked at all. Everything asks for endeavors from studies to varsity.

The best way to maintain balance is to focus on one thing at a time.Focus on work when working and take breaks during work too. For example, if you work at a coffee shop grab yourself a bite and A cup of coffee during the break. Or chat with your girlfriend over the phone or even better take a little walk down the street for some fresh air. When at university or varsity focus on that. Forget that you have got other things for a while. Enjoy your varsity and enjoy your lectures at the university.

Remember one thing, worrying for the later is useless while working is important so are your studies and having fun. So, when you’re invited to parties, do not say no. And sleep is something you must not deprive yourself of.  Sleep at least for 6 hours if you cannot manage 7 hours. Make exercising and gym an important part of life.


Make nutritious drinks before conducting a conference


What is a nutritious drink? This is a question when a participant asks themselves when they see in the campaign tool that nutritious drinks will be served before the conference. Implementation of a conference should not compromise on a diet by providing unhealthy drinks. Nutritious drinks consist of natural juices made from fruits or vegetables with no preservatives or additives added to enhance its flavor. Check out slow juicers compared here: http://thehomesavant.com/best-centrifugal-and-masticating-juicers-reviews. The color of the drink is maintained if it’s from an orange fruit it is orange in color if it’s from beetroot red is the color, you could also offer a mixture of the drinks on demand.

 Why served nutritious drinks at the conference?


Water is a fluid for body rehydration. Water alone does not encourage drinking of plenty of water recommended by health professionals. Nutritious drinks have high water content and rejuvenate the body for participants who might have lost water from the body through sweating or walking to the venue or in other body functions. Once the body is hydrated, you are sure the participants are well set to start the conference. At times, there are many programs lined up ahead of the conference and you want full participation from the audience. A nutritious drink is vital.

 Improved mental health

The mind is the part that works a lot during a conference. You have to ensure the brain is stable enough to handle the events of the day. The nutritious drinks have essential minerals which boost concentrations and alertness so that you are sure participants are not asleep the better part of the conference. This will make them respond to future conferences you invite them since they do not find it boring because of the full stomach at the start of the conference.

 Increase metabolic rate

A regular metabolic rate makes all body functions work in line with their tasks. This means there is improved mental concentration. A nutritious drink has nutrients, which supply the right nutrients to the right body organs for proper functioning so you will not have weird patterns at the conference, like boredom, sluggishness, reduced concentration span restlessness among others. This means full participation.


Nutritious drinks prepare the body to accommodate more meals ahead of the conference. If you offer a heavy meal at the beginning of the conference, the body systems might not work well leading to sluggishness since most of the participants probably took something before they came for the conference. A drink will be ideal to clear any meal that is still in the stomach as a preparation for the meals ahead of the conference.

 Quench thirst

A drink quenches thirst. Because of water loss  due to different hassles before the commencement of the conference.

A nutritious drink at the beginning of the conference has more health benefits than just the fun of enjoying the preparation of the drink. The overall goal is enhanced concentration to a tight schedule lined up during the conference. The nutritive value also cannot be overlooked.



Set up a conference about best gym equipment and body fitness

Who does not want to keep fit? A conference about body fitness attracts a larger participation since work out is a challenge to many households. The lifestyle and technological advancement have made life better in term of convenience but it has compromised on health. Lifestyle diseases are a common challenge because of sedentary life and lack of simple exercise. The conference should have experts in all personal programs as well as health experts to give advice from a health perspective. Here are some of the professionals to incorporate in the conference

Health professionals

Not all workouts are ideal for all individual, underlying health challenges need to be considered. A health professional will guide participants on the best exercise in case you are a special case of the hypertensive patient, diabetic patients the young and the old. They are also able to tell participants some home equipment to measure heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac intensity and some general sign to check that can raise alarm while working out. The workout is healthy but it has to be done tight.

Gym trainers

Gym trainers have certification on all fitness programs and how to manage a home gym to achieve the desired result. They will provide professional advice on the type of exercises and the effect they have on the body. For example, you might be working out for weight loss but months down the line, there is no change; this is where a gym trainer answers all the queries.

Gym equipment manufacturers

The conference will not be complete without a speaker from the manufacturers of gym equipment. They are able to outline the functions of various machines in the market and save on cost by purchasing one machine that can achieve a variety of exercises to save on space, time and cost. You will surely find the The best Gym equipment for you or you can Select weight bench here

Policy makers from the state

When you are opening a commercial gym, you need all the certification. Each state has different policies and guidelines but there are basics that apply in all states. He will answer the questions like, when am I breaking the law? Which department do I get the health certification? What are the requirements to get to ISO certified public gym? What are the occupational Health and Safety standards I need to keep? All these the speaker will equip participants will all the knowledge on state regulations on running a gym enterprise.

Nutritionist and dietitians

Workouts and diet are inseparable. For you to achieve your goal for the workout, you need a total lifestyle change in diet, and choose to eat healthy meals, fruits, and vegetables. Dieticians will offer advice on the composition of a balanced diet and a healthy diet. The speaker will tackle on foods available and the calorie content as well as how they affect your workout goal.

At the end of the conference, participants will be equipped with all the knowledge in personal fitness and corporate gym operation; it is the body fitness perfect match. Choose the right professionals who do not only have the knowledge but also are humorous in content delivery to keep the participants alert throughout the conference.




Use a simple stroller when going on a conference

The last place you need disturbance is in a conference. In a conference, carry a simple stroller, which you might not want to disturb the participants with a place to keep the stroller. A simple stroller will be ideal for a conference.

How simple is simple?

A simple stroller means you are able to dismantle it within a short time and change it to a car seat for a faster airport transfer when you arrive at the airport. Ensure the wheels are small, to make it portable and easy to carry around. A small wheel stroller means it will occupy a small space so that you do not become a nuisance always wanting more space to cater for your stroller.

A simple stroller should have basic facilities and not confiscated features, which takes your time when assembling. The main aim of a simple stroller is to ensure you take the shortest time in preparation and gives you ample time to concentrate on the events of the conference.

A simple stroller should offer flexibility so that you are able to wheel it with no frictions especially when you are on a rough surface. Rough surface offers discomfort to the baby and to some extent it can cause injury.

A simple stroller does not mean that you compromise on safety but purchasing a stroller with limited functionality. It means you spend the shortest time in handling it. If you have a complex stroller, and you are bound to travel with the baby there are various stores, which offer strollers for rent, you can opt for that option to enhance simplicity in functioning.

Manufacturers consider traveling needs in designing Simple strollers. If you are a frequent traveler and you want to tag your baby along, consider this when making a purchase for the stroller. However, not all areas are safe for carrying a baby along because of their weak immune system; this means they can acquire communicable diseases easily compromising on their health. Make prior plans with conference organizers and let them know you are having a baby along so that there are special arrangements especially if the conference requires you to sleep over.

The best stroller should be a three in one equipment to cater for different forms of transport, which might come in the process of traveling. If you are using air transport, organize with the airport personnel to help you in easy navigation so that the health of the baby is a priority.

Traveling with a baby is a tiresome experience. The low concentration span of babies might be distracting for you to enjoy the proceedings of the conference. Carry along some toys, which are not noisy but keeps the baby occupied and allows you to have full participation in the conference. Some conference facilities cater for children and they have a plan for them that is a plus.

It is evident a stroller offers you convenience, you have no reason to miss a conference because of the baby.